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Founded 2008
Regulation VFSC, SEBI
Standard account $100
Leverage 1:1000
Spread 0.1-5

NordFX General Information

NordFX stands as a prominent leader in the brokerage realm, delivering exceptional services across international online currency markets. Founded in 2008, this esteemed establishment has anchored its headquarters in Port Louis, Mauritius. With regulation under both VFSC (Vanuatu) and SEBI (India), NordFX showcases a dynamic offering comprising 33 currency pairs, precious metals like gold and silver, 11 cryptocurrency pairs, 6 CFD indices, and 64 stocks, all accessible through the renowned MetaTrader 4 terminal and their innovative CopyTrading service. Structured in compliance with Vanuatu's legal framework, NordFX operates under the vigilance of both VFSC and SEBI, ensuring a robust set of forex services that cater to the global financial market spectrum. Apart from its diverse currency pair offerings, the broker dives deep into the trading world with metals, cryptocurrencies, CFD indices, and a bouquet of stocks.

On the technological front, NordFX empowers traders with the MetaTrader 4 platform, which is adeptly optimized for both iOS and Android devices. This ensures that traders have an uninterrupted and seamless trading experience, permitting them to effortlessly execute trades from any global location. For those leaning towards a more automated approach, NordFX extends its simplistic yet powerful CopyTrading service.

When it comes to trading dynamics, NordFX boasts adaptive trading conditions. With the "Fix" account beginning at just $10 and a diverse spread range - fixed (starting from 2 pips) to variable (initiating from 0 pips) tailored to the account type - traders of all expertise levels can find their fit. The broker also welcomes a plethora of trading strategies, be it the use of expert advisors, scalping, or news trading.

NordFX's commitment to customer-centricity resonates with its multilingual support, spanning 14 languages. The ease of funds' deposition and withdrawal, coupled with the efficiency of the NordFX Finance Department, ensures hassle-free transactions for its clientele.

Key highlights of NordFX include:

  • Swift account initiation without cumbersome paperwork.
  • Deposit feasibility through a myriad of online payment avenues.
  • Diverse account types catering to all trader levels.
  • Order execution swiftness under 0.5 seconds.
  • Enhanced profit prospects with variable spreads starting from 0 pips on major currency pairs.
  • Offerings of PAMM accounts, equity trading, and a two-tiered partner program.

With a decorated journey spanning over 14 years in the financial domain, NordFX stands tall with more than 60 illustrious awards to its name. Demonstrating global acceptance, it proudly serves over 1,700,000 clients from nearly 190 countries.

Core NordFX Offerings:

  • Comprehensive trading services across Forex, gold, silver, crypto, oil, and major stock indexes.
  • Leverage scaling up to 1:1000.
  • Accessible platforms: MetaTrader 4 and tailored mobile applications.
  • Entry-level deposit starting at a mere 10 USD.
  • Rapid order execution at 0.5 seconds.
  • Multi-currency accounts: USD, Bitcoins, and Ethereums.
  • Trading Signals, PAMM service, and global share investments.
  • Analytical insights, economic updates, and an exhaustive educational repository.
  • 24/5 dedicated support and an attractive IB reward system.

NordFX's Distinct Advantages:

Choosing the right broker is pivotal for trading success, and NordFX brings a plethora of advantages to the table:

  • A trusted name with a foundation laid in 2008.
  • Hassle-free account initiation with no bureaucratic entanglements.
  • Competitive spreads for maximized profitability.
  • A broad spectrum of trading instruments and unparalleled mobility with mobile MetaTrader terminals.
  • Ensured stability and reliability, underscored by rapid order execution.

With NordFX, traders not only find a platform but a partner committed to making their financial journey smooth and profitable.

NordFX Trading Information 2024

Pot 805/103 Rue D'Auvergne, Port Vila, Vanuatu
Support Phone
+86 108 4053677, +91-7303716826, +357-25030262, +91-120-4333948
Support e-mail
Trading software

At NordFX, our aim is to provide clients with state-of-the-art trading platforms to elevate their trading journey. Our flagship offering, MetaTrader 4 (MT4), is celebrated across the trading community for its intuitive interface and comprehensive trading tools. For those managing multiple accounts, MT4 MultiTerminal becomes an indispensable ally, streamlining operations across diverse accounts. And for the traders who are always on-the-go, our MetaTrader Mobile platform ensures trading opportunities are always at your fingertips. Choose NordFX and empower yourself with avant-garde trading tools.

MetaTrader 4 Highlights:

  • Trade effortlessly on Forex and precious metal markets.
  • Access diverse timeframes for nuanced trading.
  • Choose between Instant Execution and Market Execution.
  • Utilize multiple order types to execute any trading strategy.
  • Craft and test personalized indicators and scripts.
  • Engage in technical analysis with a myriad of indicators and graphical tools.
  • Secure your trading transactions with top-tier security.
  • Stay updated with real-time news feeds from leading agencies.

MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal Features:

  • Tailored for traders and managers juggling multiple accounts.
  • Intuitive interface coupled with core MT4 capabilities.
  • Efficiently place, modify, or partially/close buy and sell orders.
  • Opt for manual or automated trade volume distribution across individual accounts.
  • Advanced Security ensures safe and seamless data transmission.

An Introduction to Forex Trading Platforms

Forex trading platforms are specialized software empowering traders to engage with global financial markets right from their personal devices, be it a computer, smartphone, or tablet. These platforms are pivotal in maximizing profits, thanks to rapid order executions, real-time market assessments, advanced analysis tools, and an arsenal of indicators, scripts, and expert advisors.

Selecting an apt trading platform can significantly reduce a trader's operational stress, guiding them towards informed decisions. Transaction security and confidentiality remain paramount features of these platforms.

While many electronic Forex platforms dot the market, NordFX proudly presents MetaTrader 4 (MT4) as its premier offering. Revered by experts and traders alike, MT4 stands out with its unmatched technical analysis capabilities, a multitude of built-in and customizable indicators, and seamless integrations. It paves the way for semi-automatic to fully automatic trading, either via algorithmic programs or by mirroring the trades of seasoned traders.

MetaTrader 4 and its sibling, the MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal, along with their mobile adaptations, epitomize efficiency. They enable the tracking of numerous open orders, supporting diverse trading strategies. Unique to MT4 is its built-in strategy tester for algorithmic trading products and direct access to the portal. This massive online platform lets traders tap into the latest information, engage with a global trading community, and access services explicitly crafted for MetaTrader 4 enthusiasts.

Benefits and Precautions:

The MT4 MultiTerminal, specifically crafted for those managing multiple accounts, boasts an array of benefits

  • Easy placement and modification of buy/sell orders.
  • Full or partial position closures.
  • Both manual and algorithmic distribution of trade volumes per account.
  • Secure trading, thanks to the Advanced Security framework.

Before diving in, consider these:

  • Familiarize yourself with the MultiTerminal User Guide.
  • Test functionalities using a demo account.
  • Ensure all managed accounts are on a single server for seamless operations.
Free Education

The NordFX Learning Center stands as an intuitive and comprehensive online platform tailored for traders, both novices and seasoned pros. It's designed to hone their trading skills, impart crucial insights, and foster the depth of experience essential for triumphant Forex trading. Diving into the Forex market without a firm grounding can be daunting and risky. Recognizing this, every trader must invest not just money, but time and effort into education and hands-on learning to navigate the market's intricate dynamics without unnecessary losses. At NordFX, we don’t just offer trading opportunities; we ensure our clients are equipped with robust knowledge and the tools they need.

We are committed to facilitating an environment where our clients can access up-to-date information, interactive training modules, and proven strategies to master the market's ebbs and flows. Our goal is to empower every trader to transform their Forex market endeavors into consistently profitable ventures.

Account Types

At NordFX, traders are offered a variety of account options, each tailored to cater to different trading needs and preferences. The diverse range of account types includes:

  • Fix Account: Ideal for those new to trading or those who prefer a more predictable trading environment, the Fix account provides fixed spreads, which means they remain constant regardless of market conditions.
  • Pro Account: Targeted towards experienced traders, the Pro account offers more competitive spreads and a professional trading environment, giving users access to a broader range of instruments and tools to enhance their trading strategies.
  • Zero Account: As the name suggests, this account type often offers near-zero spreads for maximum trading efficiency. It's particularly suitable for high-frequency traders or those who employ scalping strategies.
  • Savings Account: A unique offering, the Savings account isn't just for trading but also for those looking to earn interest on their capital over time. It's a blend of traditional savings mechanisms with the dynamic world of forex, ensuring users can grow their capital while also engaging in active trading.

By providing a diverse range of account types, NordFX ensures that both novice and professional traders can find an account that fits their trading style and objectives. It's always beneficial to review each account's specifics or get in touch with NordFX for a detailed understanding before making a selection.

Account Types and Specifications

Fix Account Features & Specifications:

  • Trading Instruments: 28 currency pairs, 13 cryptopairs, metals, and CFD Indices & stocks.
  • Minimum Deposit: $10
  • Account Currency: USD
  • Margin Call/Stop Out Levels: 40%/20%
  • Max Open Positions & Pending Orders: 100
  • Execution: Instant Execution
  • Automated Trading: Allowed
  • Floating Spreads: Fixed from 2 pips for currency pairs + gold + silver, and Floating from 1 pip for crypto pairs.
  • Leverage: Up to 1:1000 (check contract specifications)
  • Quote Precision: 4 digits (check contract specifications)
  • Commission: No Fees for currency pairs; 0.06% for crypto pairs.
  • Lot Size: Minimum 0.01, Maximum 50 with an increment of 0.01.

The Fix Account caters to traders looking to harness a variety of instruments. With a generous leverage of up to 1:1000, traders can potentially amplify their returns, even with a modest initial capital. This account is particularly suited for steady trading, including those who utilize expert advisers.

Pro Trading Account Features & Specifications:

  • Trading Instruments: 33 currency pairs + 13 cryptopairs + metals + CFD Indices & stocks
  • Minimum Deposit: $100
  • Account Currency: USD
  • Margin Call/Stop Out Levels: 40%/20%
  • Max Open Positions & Pending Orders: 100
  • Execution: Market Execution
  • Automated Trading: Allowed
  • Floating Spreads: Fixed from 0.9 pips for currency pairs + gold + silver, and Floating from 1 pip for crypto pairs.
  • Leverage: Up to 1:1000 (check contract specifications)
  • Quote Precision: 5 digits (check contract specifications)
  • Commission: No Fees for currency pairs; 0.06% for crypto pairs.
  • Lot Size: Minimum 0.01, Maximum 50 with an increment of 0.01.

The Pro Account provides a platform for both novice and seasoned traders, offering superior trading conditions and an extensive array of trading instruments, including cryptocurrencies. Enjoy the benefits of low dynamic spreads, precise 5-digit quotations, and rapid market execution ensured by a multitude of liquidity providers.

Zero Trading Account Features & Specifications:

  • Trading Instruments: 28 currency pairs, 13 cryptopairs, metals, and CFD Indices & stocks.
  • Minimum Deposit: $500
  • Account Currency: USD
  • Margin Call/Stop Out Levels: 60%/40%
  • Max Open Positions & Pending Orders: 100
  • Execution: Market Execution
  • Automated Trading: Allowed
  • Floating Spreads: Fixed from 0 pips for currency pairs + gold + silver, and Floating from 1 pip for crypto pairs.
  • Leverage: Up to 1:1000 (check contract specifications)
  • Quote Precision: 5 digits (check contract specifications)
  • Commission: 0,0035% per trade (each side) for currency pairs; 0.06% for crypto pairs.
  • Lot Size: Minimum 0.01, Maximum 50 with an increment of 0.01.

The Zero Account is meticulously crafted for traders who prioritize optimal trading conditions. With a vast range of instruments, including cryptocurrencies, this account type boasts minimal dynamic spreads and swift market execution. A rich network of liquidity providers ensures a solid foundation for profitable trading.

Savings Trading Account Features & Specifications:

  • Investment Instrument: Interest on deposits and loan on invested capital.
  • Minimum Initial Deposit: $500 (Subsequent deposits from $100 are accepted).
  • Account Currency: USDT, DAI, BUSD, and other Stablecoins.
  • Yearly Interest: Varies based on the market; Average loan interest at 3%.
  • Interest Payout: Daily
  • Automated Trading: Allowed
  • Extra Commissions: None
  • Loan for Trading: Available
  • Withdrawals: Permitted daily.

NordFX's Savings Account is a groundbreaking solution, leveraging the potential of Decentralized Financing (DeFi). With DeFi at its core, this account type presents an opportunity for traders to earn roughly 30% annually and amplify profits through market operations, benefitting from a mere 3% annual trade loan interest. Investment returns are credited daily and can be withdrawn without constraints. The primary account currency is the globally recognized stablecoin, Tether (USDT), backed 1:1 by USD. However, deposits in USDC, DAI, BUSD, etc., are converted automatically to USDT, ensuring smooth transactions and withdrawals.

Choose the right NordFX account that fits your trading style and aspirations. Dive into a world of opportunities with a trusted partner by your side.

Investments Portfolios

Dive into the world of global investing effortlessly with NordFX Investment Funds. Specifically curated for both novice and seasoned investors, these funds offer a streamlined, affordable, and transparent pathway to gain exposure to the shares of globally renowned companies. With an entry threshold set at a minimal investment of 1000 USD, it becomes incredibly accessible for anyone to tap into the potential of the global market.

Key Features:

  • Flexible Investment Durations: Catering to various investment horizons, you can choose periods ranging from a short 3 months up to an extended 1 year.
  • The Pro Expert Fund: This fund strategically amalgamates the shares of diverse global giants, each selected for their promising growth trajectory. Regardless of the market's ebbs and flows, our expert portfolio management ensures that you're positioned to garner optimal returns.
  • Fluid Transactions: With NordFX, your funds aren't locked away. Enjoy the flexibility to deposit or withdraw your investments at any juncture, as per your financial needs or strategy.

Snapshot of the Pro Expert Fund's Portfolio:

  • Twitter Inc (TWTR): The microblogging titan that has revolutionized real-time communication.
  • Procter & Gamble Company (PG): A household name, this multinational conglomerate has been enhancing lives with its consumer goods for generations.
  • Mastercard Inc (MA): Facilitating global transactions, it stands as a forerunner in the financial services segment.
  • eBay Inc (EBAY): The global e-commerce platform that has reshaped online buying and selling.
  • Illumina Inc (ILMN): A game-changer in the genomics space, pioneering advances in DNA sequencing.
  • General Electric Company (GE): A multinational conglomerate, its innovations span multiple industries, from aviation to healthcare.
  • Coca-Cola Co (KO): The beverage giant known and loved by billions worldwide.

Choose NordFX Investment Funds and embark on a sophisticated investment journey, reaping the rewards of the world's most dynamic companies. With professional asset management at its core, every investment is positioned for success.

Copy Trading

Venture into the world of NordFX Copy Trading, an effortlessly clear avenue designed to maximize capital growth. This innovative platform stands as a bridge, linking proficient traders looking to amplify their earnings by sharing their trade signals, with novices eager to emulate these market strategies.

Key Insights:

  • For Passive Investors: If you lean towards a hands-off investment approach, this platform is crafted for you. Bypass the need for intricate trading know-how or investing countless hours, and step into a realm of smart, passive investing.
  • Become a Signal Provider: Unfettered by limitations, any trader can emerge as a Signal Provider. The registration pathway is straightforward, leading to an in-depth online dashboard where you can monitor your trading metrics through over 50 unique parameters.
  • Flexible Subscription Pricing: As a provider, the autonomy rests with you to determine and tweak the pricing for accessing your trading signals. Whatever subscription earnings you garner, they're yours to keep.
  • Unbounded Growth: The sky's the limit! There's no cap on the number of subscribers you can have for your signals. Plus, for your trading ventures, the entire arsenal of tools from the PRO trading account is at your disposal. Use your existing Pro account, or create a new one - the choice is yours. And with no bounds on strategies like scalping or automated trading, you're in the driver's seat.
  • Simplicity for Subscribers: Diving into the market needn't be complex. With NordFX Copy Trading, even newcomers can thrive without a rich tapestry of trading experience or market insight. Your funds always remain within your grasp, safe in your account, amplifying in tandem with your profits.
  • Full Control: Your account, your rules. Modify copying parameters, adjust funds, or pause copying altogether - you wield complete control.
  • Craft Your Investment Blend: Subscribe to diverse signals from varied providers. This lets you mold a well-rounded and diversified portfolio, fine-tuning risks and potential returns. With the aid of comprehensive online monitoring, you can evaluate the performance of every signal provider via more than 50 different metrics.
  • Pay for Profits: A win-win scenario! Compensate your provider only when you secure profits, with a fraction of it (starting from 10%). No gains? No charges.
  • Auto-Pilot Mode: The automation ensures seamless signal copying, even if your MT4 terminal or computer is inactive. With a minimal starting deposit averaging just $100, the gates to a prosperous trading journey swing wide open.

NordFX Copy Trading: Where seasoned strategies meet smart investments, setting the stage for unparalleled capital growth.


PAMM, an acronym for Percent Allocation Management Module, stands as a hallmark in the realm of investment services. A tried and true model, its simplicity and convenience have made it a favorite for years. Through PAMM, investors amplify their capital by entrusting it to adept PAMM managers. In return, these managers, equipped with market proficiency, gain additional revenue by overseeing these investments. One of the unique attributes of PAMM is that the manager co-invests, aligning their interests with the investors and offering an added layer of capital security.

How PAMM Unfolds for You

For the PAMM Manager:

  • Commence Your Journey: Head over to Trader's Cabinet > Investment Products > PAMM and register as a PAMM Manager. Alternatively, use the direct link provided.
  • Craft Your PAMM Account: You have the flexibility to create up to 10 distinct PAMM accounts. Define your account style (either PRO or Zero) and determine the leverage (up to a substantial 1:1000). Dive into an array of trading options including currency and cryptocurrency pairs, precious metals like gold and silver, commodities like oil, and stock indices.
  • Lay Down the Ground Rules: Set your investment terms by specifying your managerial fee and any other pertinent investment conditions.
  • Jumpstart Your Trading Adventure: Once you've fueled your PAMM account, initiate your trading strategies. As you demonstrate your prowess, you'll start to magnetize investors.
  • Rake in the Rewards: Your earnings are twofold: from the trading profits and from the managerial fees. And remember, the sky's the limit with the number of investors you can draw in. More investors translate to heftier rewards!

For the Investor:

  • Step into the PAMM Universe: Navigate to Trader's Cabinet > Investment Products > PAMM > Investments to register. Or, use the dedicated button.
  • Fund Your Ambitions: Deposit into your PAMM balance to set the ball rolling.
  • Pick Your PAMM Maestro: Analyze the PAMM account leaderboard. Scrutinize strategies, delve into over 50 online monitoring metrics, and understand each manager's performance. Ensure you're also clear on the manager's fee structure and terms.
  • Commit Your Capital: Decide on your investment quantum and validate the transaction.
  • Synchronize with Your Manager: Post your commitment, your funds will be merged with the manager's PAMM account, pending their affirmation.
  • Diversify to Thrive: Why put all your eggs in one basket? Distribute your investments across multiple PAMM accounts. This strategy optimizes your risk profile and paves the way for enhanced profits.

PAMM: Where expertise meets capital, fostering a synergy that propels both managers and investors towards financial growth.


NordFX, in collaboration with the esteemed hosting provider Fozzy, presents a robust solution for 24/7 uninterrupted trading from any corner of the globe. The Fozzy Forex VPS stands as a virtual server, co-located with NordFX servers, effectively minimizing any elements that might impede seamless trading.

  • Speed Advantage: With the Fozzy VPS positioned in close proximity to NordFX trading servers, traders are gifted with an exceptional data transfer speed clocking in at under 1 millisecond. To put this in perspective, this transfer rate is an astounding 200 times swifter than the exchange rate between a NordFX server and a typical PC.
  • Consistent Connectivity: With a promise of 24/7 uptime, MetaTrader expert advisors can confidently engage in trade without any hitches or interruptions.
  • Ease of Use: Emulating the user-friendly nature of a conventional Windows PC, the service is easily accessible from personal computers, smartphones, or tablets. Regardless of your device's operating system - be it MS Windows, Mac OS, Linux/Unix, iPhone/iPad, or Android - you can seamlessly operate the service.
  • Guaranteed Security: Fozzy Forex VPS ensures the utmost safety of your data, fortified by a daily backup regimen, preserving all stored information.

For traders keen on maintaining a steady, high-speed, and unyielding connection to NordFX trading servers without being hampered by system failures or fluctuating internet speeds, this solution is tailor-made for you! Moreover, NordFX takes a step further in client satisfaction by offering this premium Forex VPS service at a reduced rate exclusively for its customers, priced at a mere 9.95 EUR/13.95 USD monthly!

Trading signals

Elevate Your Trading with NordFX's Advanced "Signals" Service. NordFX, in collaboration with MetaQuotes Software Corp., the developer behind the widely acclaimed MT4 platforms, proudly introduces its state-of-the-art autotrading service, "Signals." Designed to seamlessly integrate into the MT4 platform, this innovative service opens the doors to a global network of trading signal providers, allowing our valued customers to harness the strategies of expert traders from around the globe.

Why Opt for NordFX's "Signals" Service?

  • User-Friendly Experience: Subscribing to signals is straightforward and intuitive, even for those new to autotrading.
  • Enhanced Safety Protocols: Our system is meticulously designed to prevent incorrect trading lot calculations and overloading of the deposit, ensuring a safer trading environment.
  • Transparent Trading Records: With NordFX, what you see is what you get. Every trading action is transparently documented, allowing for informed decision-making.
  • Robust Security Measures: Ensuring the utmost security for our users is a priority. Both traders and signal providers can rest assured knowing that their account details and balances remain confidential, with no third-party access. Notably, even an investor password isn't required when subscribing to signals.
  • Flexible Subscription Options: Depending on your preferences, you can opt for either a free or a paid signal subscription. Those who choose the paid route are charged a minimal fixed fee, and the standard subscription duration is one month.
  • Cost-Effective: With NordFX's "Signals" service, you won't encounter hidden fees, increased spreads, or any surprise commissions.
  • Empowerment to Earn: Not only can traders tap into the expertise of established signal providers, but they also have the opportunity to step into the shoes of a signals provider. If you believe you've got a successful trading strategy, why not share it and earn an additional income?

Discovering and collaborating with the best signal providers has never been more effortless. Within mere moments, you can explore various trading strategies, evaluate performance metrics, and seamlessly subscribe to your chosen signals – all within the familiar interface of your trading terminal. With NordFX, a world of trading possibilities is just a few clicks away.

Account currencies
Payment Methods

At NordFX, we understand the importance of flexibility and convenience when it comes to funding your trading accounts or processing withdrawals. Therefore, we've curated an extensive array of payment methods to cater to our diverse clientele's preferences and needs. You can opt for traditional methods such as Wire Transfers or Credit Card transactions. For those inclined towards digital solutions, we support several e-wallets and online payment platforms, including WebMoney, NETELLER, Skrill, PayWeb, Payza, and Perfect Money. We also accommodate clients from various regions with localized payment options like QIWI, Z-Payment, and FasaPay. Recognizing the growing popularity and demand for cryptocurrency-based transactions, NordFX is proud to facilitate payments via Bitcoin. And for those who prefer OKPAY, we've got you covered as well. Whatever your preference, NordFX ensures a smooth, secure, and efficient transaction process, ensuring that you can focus on what matters most - your trading endeavors.

Affiliate Program

At NordFX, we pride ourselves on offering an affiliate program that stands unrivaled in the trading industry. Built upon insights garnered from over a decade of collaboration with global marketing pioneers and webmasters, our program has been meticulously crafted to exceed expectations and fuel business growth.

Distinguishing Features of Our Affiliate Program:

  • Industry-Leading CPA: Boasting the industry's most progressive CPA, you can earn up to $700 per acquisition.
  • Unmatched Conversion & Support: We ensure the highest client conversion rates coupled with stellar support.
  • In-Depth Analytics: Benefit from advanced traffic reporting, comprehensive client commission statistics, and real-time commission accrual.
  • Enhanced Sub-affiliate System: Grow exponentially with our sub-affiliate system.
  • Diverse Promotional Assets: Access a multilingual suite of innovative promotional materials, including widgets, landing pages, and banners tailored to diverse audiences.
  • Award Recognition: As a testament to our dedication, NordFX has been honored as the Best Affiliate Program broker.
  • Enviable Commissions: Enjoy the largest affiliate industry commissions and earn up to 60% of the spread.
  • Flexibility: Experience the convenience of instant commission withdrawals, regardless of size and timing.
  • Globally Trusted: Join a community of over 2 million clients worldwide who trust NordFX.
  • Extended Tracking: Our up-to-90-days cookie tracking policy ensures you don't miss out on any leads.
  • Multilingual Support: We cater to a global audience with support available in 14 languages.
  • Build Your Network: With our multi-level IB reward system, expand your influence and earnings.

Why Choose NordFX's Introducing Broker (IB) Program?

  • Prestige: Align with the most awarded broker in the industry.
  • Impressive Commissions: Earn up to 60% of the spread on every trade made by clients you introduce.
  • World-Class Trading Environment: Your referrals will relish optimal trading conditions, impeccable execution, unmatched liquidity, and stellar services from our expert team.
  • Efficiency in Rewards: Enjoy instant withdrawals and real-time commission calculations.
  • Extended Earning Opportunities: With second-level commissions up to 10%, the potential is vast.
  • Dedicated Support: Each client benefits from a personal account manager, ensuring their experience is unparalleled.
  • Multiple Payment Avenues: Over 25 payment systems are available, catering to global needs.

With NordFX, you’re not just entering an affiliate program; you’re embarking on a prosperous journey. Partner with us for a brighter future in the trading industry.

First Deposit Bonus
English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, Farsi, Indonesian, Thai, Sinhalese, Vietnamese, Malay
Spread Type
At NordFX, the type of spread you encounter is tailored to the specific account type you choose. This means that while some account types feature a fixed spread, ensuring consistency in pricing regardless of market volatility, others come with a variable spread that fluctuates based on market conditions. The flexibility in spread type allows traders to select an account that aligns best with their trading strategies and risk tolerance. It's always advisable to review the specific account details or consult with NordFX directly to understand the spread structure associated with each account type.
Broker Type
NordFX operates as a broker with a diverse set of models to cater to various trading needs. Specifically, NordFX uses the NDD (No Dealing Desk) model, ensuring that there is no intermediary intervention in trades, leading to faster execution times and potentially fewer re-quotes. Additionally, with the STP (Straight Through Processing) model, NordFX ensures a more transparent trading environment by directly sending orders to the market without any dealer intervention. Lastly, as an ECN (Electronic Communication Network) broker, NordFX connects traders with a network of liquidity providers, offering tighter spreads and a more competitive pricing structure. In essence, with these models, NordFX aims to provide an efficient, transparent, and reliable trading environment for its clients.

Minimum Lot Size: 0.01

ECN Account: 1000

Mini Account, $: 10

Digits After Dot

Yes   24/5 Trading

Yes   Demo account

Yes   Daily Analytics

Yes   Swaps

Yes   Hedging

Yes   Scalping

Yes   Minus Protection

Yes   Mobile Trading

Yes   Automated Trading

Yes   Cashback

Yes   Promotions

Yes   Contests

NordFX Traders Reviews

  August 22, 2023  

Navigating the intricate terrains of the Forex market can be intimidating, especially for someone like me who is relatively green in this realm. However, stepping into this financial universe with NordFX as my guiding star has been an encouraging venture. Being candid, NordFX remains my solitary experience in the world of Forex brokering. While this limited exposure might seemingly put me at a disadvantage in drawing direct comparisons with other players in the market, I feel it’s premature for me to indulge in such juxtapositions. What matters more is the functionality and results, and in that department, NordFX hasn’t disappointed. Over the span of two months, my financial journey has seen its ebbs and flows. However, the overall trajectory has been positive. Starting with an initial deposit of $200, I was able to muster a profit, closing my account balance at a heartening $280. This journey wasn’t devoid of pitfalls, and I did encounter some setbacks along the way. But, as they say, losses are the tuition fees one pays in the school of trading, and it's these moments of adversity that have furnished me with valuable lessons. Earnings aside, my experience has also instilled in me an appetite to delve deeper into Forex trading. My optimism does come with a hint of caution, though, as I've yet to experience the withdrawal process with NordFX. The efficacy and smoothness of this transaction will be a significant determinant in shaping my future engagements with the broker. In conclusion, my maiden voyage into the Forex universe with NordFX has been quite enlightening. While I still have much to learn and explore, the initial successes, coupled with the platform's intuitive design and support, make me optimistic about my trading future. I am keen to further harness the potential that Forex trading, with NordFX as a partner, has to offer.

  August 7, 2023  

Having shifted to NordFX from another broker, I've observed a commendable level of service. Their adherence to regulations makes me comfortable, although I'd love to see them obtain licenses from a couple more regulatory bodies for added trust. I've found NordFX's withdrawal process to be relatively smooth. On one occasion, there was a slight delay, but their customer service was proactive and kept me informed, which speaks volumes about their commitment to clients.

  June 7, 2023  

The realm of Forex trading has always seemed like an intricate maze to outsiders. Yet, when I decided to wade into its waters, it wasn't out of necessity or a deep-seated passion. Instead, my venture with NordFX was spurred by sheer curiosity. I wanted to challenge my analytical prowess and test my mental mettle. The venture was, in essence, a personal experiment to see if I could navigate the fluctuating tides of the trading world. From the onset, my interaction with NordFX was framed by a sense of novelty. The broker stood out with its comprehensive educational resources that, to a novice like me, seemed like a lighthouse in the sometimes foggy world of Forex. Delving deeper into the wealth of material on their platform, I was particularly captivated by the courses they offered. These courses, rich in content and detail, provided invaluable insights that made my initial trading steps more confident and informed. Having equipped myself with this newfound knowledge, I took the plunge and executed my maiden trades. As days turned into weeks, I found that the art of trading, while intricate, wasn't all-consuming. This was an important realization because I wasn't looking to replace my primary profession. Rather, trading became a rewarding side pursuit, an arena where I could apply my analytical skills and, at the same time, potentially earn some additional income. With just a couple of hours each day, I've been able to keep a keen eye on the market, strategize, and make trades that often bear fruit. In closing, my sojourn into the world of trading, guided by the competent team at NordFX, has been an enriching experience. While it remains a side venture, it's one that complements my primary work, providing both intellectual stimulation and financial rewards. The flexibility it offers ensures that even with a couple of dedicated hours a day, one can make informed and profitable trades. So, to those sitting on the fence about trading, I'd say: take the leap, challenge yourself, and you might just find a rewarding hobby that benefits both your mind and pocket.

  May 16, 2023  

The suite of trading tools NordFX offers is extensive, suiting my diverse trading strategies. However, I have noticed that some of their fees, especially for premium services, are slightly steeper than some competitors. In the duration I've traded with NordFX, the reliability of their platform has been impeccable. The order execution is swift, but during high volatility periods, I've observed minimal slippage. NordFX scores highly on transparency. They've been upfront about any changes or service interruptions. Their analysis tools are well-structured, but integrating more third-party tools could provide a broader analysis perspective.

  January 4, 2023  

In the sprawling world of Forex trading, I've had the privilege of evaluating numerous brokers through my years of active involvement. Each broker, like a unique puzzle piece, has its own strengths and areas for improvement. My experience with NordFX has been a blend of promising aspects interspersed with areas of ambiguity, particularly in its affiliate program. To begin with, the affiliate program's complexity stands out. For novice traders embarking on their journey, certain nuances within the program can prove to be a steep learning curve. I've come across fellow traders who anticipated certain profit margins based on their initial calculations. However, their actual earnings were different, and this discrepancy often arose from an oversight of the program's finer details and stipulations. These aspects can lead to unmet expectations for beginners who are yet to grasp the intricacies of the affiliate framework. Having said that, the complexities of the affiliate program don’t necessarily overshadow the potential opportunities NordFX offers. From a seasoned trader's perspective, there are certainly avenues for meaningful earnings, especially if one navigates the referral system judiciously. It's all about understanding the mechanics and leveraging them to your advantage. As for the core trading experience, I've found NordFX to be competent. With a deposit of roughly $2,000, I've been able to consistently yield a profit margin of around 6%. This showcases that while the affiliate system might have its challenges, the fundamental trading framework NordFX provides is robust and offers traders the chance to achieve notable profits. In sum, while NordFX could benefit from simplifying and clarifying certain aspects of its affiliate program, the platform remains a viable option for those looking to make headway in the Forex world. My recommendation would be for newcomers to familiarize themselves thoroughly with the nuances of the system before diving in. For those willing to do so, NordFX offers a sturdy platform for trading endeavors.

  December 15, 2022  

Platform stability is crucial for my intraday trades. NordFX offers a stable platform with minimal downtimes. The user experience is great, though I believe the mobile version could be optimized further for ease. NordFX boasts a diverse range of assets, which I appreciate. However, the commissions on certain assets, especially exotics, can be improved to offer more competitive rates.

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