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Founded 2010
Regulation FCA, ASIC, FSCA, CySEC
Standard account $100
Leverage 1:1000
Spread 2-4.5

IronFX General Information

IronFX stands out as a premier broker in the global retail FX arena. Beyond forex, the company offers an impressive suite of services encompassing CFDs on stocks from both US and UK markets, commodities, and spot metals. Operating as a key subsidiary of a prestigious international Financial Services conglomerate, which was founded in 1972, IronFX is no newcomer to the financial world. This legacy organization has delivered robust financial solutions to individual traders as well as institutional powerhouses for several decades.

Distinguishing itself further, IronFX boasts a multilingual support infrastructure, offering assistance in an impressive 45 languages. Catering to both retail and institutional clients, the broker's commitment to a consistent and steadfast customer-first approach remains unparalleled.

Clients of IronFX enjoy access to a diverse toolkit of over 200 trading instruments. The brokerage also promotes a seamless trading experience characterized by razor-thin spreads, backed by the innovative “One Account, Fifteen Platforms” initiative. Testament to its stellar reputation, IronFX's commitment to excellence hasn't gone unnoticed on the global stage. The brokerage has been honored with numerous international accolades, including the Fastest Growing FX Broker award in 2011 and the prestigious CEO of the Year accolade in 2013, courtesy of European CEO Magazine. In addition, its trophy cabinet boasts several World Finance awards, highlighting its leadership in areas like STP/ECN trading, CFD trading in Asia, and customer service excellence in the Asian market.

IronFX's promise to its clientele is clear: competitive spreads and impeccable trade execution without the concerns of slippages or requotes. The optimization of its trading servers across ten distinct global hubs underscores the firm's commitment to ensuring the rapid and reliable execution of trade orders. And with its recent strategic expansions, IronFX's footprint now spans the globe, with operations established in major financial hubs including New York, London, and Sydney, covering a vast expanse of over 20 countries.

Operational integrity sits at the heart of IronFX's ethos. Its adherence to the rigorous standards set by the European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) showcases its dedication to transparency and best practices. Further solidifying its trustworthy reputation, IronFX operates under the stringent oversight of esteemed regulatory bodies such as the FCA, CySEC, and ASIC.

IronFX: Pioneering the New Age of Forex Trading

IronFX stands out as the undisputed champion in the realm of online trading, clinching the title of the Global Leader. With a suite of 10 state-of-the-art trading platforms, IronFX provides traders access to a vast universe of over 500 instruments. This includes a diversified palette ranging from forex, spot metals, and futures to shares, spot indices, and an array of commodities. Carving its niche in 2010, IronFX has since become a beacon for both retail and institutional traders. Our global footprint is expansive, with a presence that stretches across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America, spanning over 180 countries.

Embark on Your Trading Journey Be informed: All trading avenues come with inherent risks. It's crucial to understand that there exists a potential to lose all invested capital.

Our Driving Force

The IronFX Mission At the heart of IronFX lies an unwavering commitment: to elevate the trading experience of every client, be it retail or institutional. We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of products, ensuring best-in-market spreads, and curating an environment that boasts unparalleled trading conditions on a global scale. We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence, constantly innovating in product design and investing in our team to provide solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clientele. Our dedication to service is mirrored in our promise to deliver an unparalleled caliber of services that are custom-made and of unmatched quality.

Exclusive Advantages for Our Clients Introducing Brokers (IBs) often elevate their service offerings by extending market rebates to their clientele. This involves sharing a portion of their generated revenue as an incentive. This rebate system is more than just a perk; it's a testament to the value IBs place on their client relationships. For many traders, these market rebates are a significant motivator, steering them towards partnering with a brokerage through an Introducing Broker.

IronFX By The Numbers

  • A robust client base of over 1.5 million, spread across 180 nations.
  • A diverse offering of 500 tradable instruments across 6 distinct asset classes.
  • Round-the-clock client support, available in 30 languages to ensure seamless communication.
  • A legacy of excellence, as showcased by our collection of over 40 esteemed international investing awards.

IronFX: Your Premier Multi-Asset Broker for Forex CFDs Trading

Established in 2010, IronFX's primary goal was to create an outstanding trading experience tailored for both retail and institutional traders. Over a decade later, that vision has not only been realized but expanded upon. Garnering multiple accolades and developing a reputation as the Global Leader in Online Trading, IronFX remains dedicated to its mission—providing top-notch trading conditions and innovative investment products.

A Commitment to Excellence in Trading IronFX has ceaselessly worked towards creating an optimized trading ecosystem. Our offerings ensure traders can venture into Forex CFDs, buoyed by competitive spreads and insights from a team of industry stalwarts. Our vast array of over 500 tradable instruments across 6 distinct asset classes—all accessible via a singular platform—has set us apart.

Key features of our platform include lightning-fast trade execution, flexible trading leverage options, and industry-low market spreads. These benchmarks of excellence underline our unwavering commitment to customer-centric values and high-quality service.

Why IronFX is Your Best Trading Partner

  • Robust Client Base: With a growing clientele of over 1.5 million retail traders, our reach is truly global.
  • Best in Class Service: We offer the finest trading conditions complemented by 24/5 multilingual support.
  • Renowned and Trusted: Receiving accolades from various institutions, our reputation precedes us. From in-depth daily forecasts that decipher statistical trends to our award-winning team's market commentary that has been featured in esteemed outlets such as Reuters, Bloomberg, BBC World, CNN, and CNBC—to name a few, IronFX remains at the forefront of trading intelligence.

Contact & Support: Whether you have inquiries regarding your trading account or are keen on understanding the benefits of collaborating with IronFX, our top-tier, award-winning multilingual customer support is available 24/5.

  • Transparency and Trust: We value the trust our clients place in us. Please familiarize yourself with our legal documentation to comprehend our business terms and privacy policy.
  • FAQs: From novices to seasoned traders, we've curated a repository of frequently asked questions to support all our clients' needs.
  • Join the IronFX Family: As a market leader, we're always on the lookout for passionate individuals who can thrive in this dynamic industry. With a welcoming work culture, cutting-edge infrastructure, continuous learning opportunities, and a supportive team, IronFX is the perfect place to kickstart or elevate your career in Forex trading.

Elevating the Standards: The IronFX Ethos IronFX isn't just another name in the trading industry. It's a hallmark of trust, commitment, and service excellence. Specializing in Forex CFDs trading, our focus on the world's most traded currency pairs ensures our clients receive the best offerings. Our top-tier research division offers incisive daily commentaries and analyses on the global financial landscape, ensuring our traders and investors are always a step ahead.

With IronFX, you're not just trading; you're trading with a global leader, backed by unparalleled expertise and an unwavering commitment to your success.

IronFX Trading Information 2024

65 Court Street, 6th Floor, Hamilton HM 12, Bermuda
Trading software

Introducing the IronFX Web Trader App - a breakthrough in mobile trading, marrying unparalleled speed with intuitive design. Tailored for the modern-day trader, it's not just an app; it's your trading desk on-the-move.

Features That Set It Apart:

  • Harmonious Synchronization: Experience a flawless integration with the renowned MT4 platform, ensuring you never miss a beat.
  • Universal Compatibility: Whether you're an Android aficionado, an iOS enthusiast, a Windows wizard, or a MacOS maven, our Web Trader App is designed to cater to every operating system with an equally seamless experience.
  • User-Friendly Interface: We understand the complexity of trading, which is why we've designed our app to be as straightforward as possible. Navigate with ease, make trades with a single tap, and manage your portfolio effortlessly.
  • Instant Updates: Stay abreast of market trends, real-time news, and vital statistics, ensuring you're always in the loop and ahead of the curve.

Getting Started with the Web Trader App

If you're already a proud member of the IronFX family, accessing the Web Trader App is a breeze. Simply:

  • Log in to your IronFX Client Portal.
  • Navigate to the Web Trader App section.
  • Dive into your mobile trading adventure!

For those yet to join our trading community, click here to open an account and embark on a transformative trading journey.

Please remember, as with all trading endeavors, there's potential for both profit and loss. It's essential to be aware of risks and trade responsibly. Always remember, your capital is at stake.

Access the cutting-edge world of mobile trading with the Web Trader App, and let IronFX guide your every step in the dynamic world of trading.

Free Education

In the intricate and ever-evolving world of trading, knowledge isn't just power - it's your key to success. Recognizing this, IronFX has meticulously designed a comprehensive trading education program that goes beyond the conventional. Our aim? To not only guide our traders but to transform them into market maestros.

Delving Deep into IronFX's Trading Academy:

  • Holistic Approach: We believe in an encompassing educational experience. From the basics for those taking their first steps into the trading world to advanced strategies for seasoned traders, our curriculum is designed to cater to all levels of expertise.
  • Dynamic Learning Tools: Our traders deserve the best, and we ensure they get it. The IronFX trading school is packed with a diverse range of resources - interactive webinars, insightful articles, real-time case studies, and hands-on workshops. Each tool aims to bring theoretical knowledge to practical fruition.
  • Expert-driven Content: Learn from the best to be the best. Our educational content is curated by a team of seasoned professionals and market analysts who bring years of experience to the table. Their insights, tricks of the trade, and market wisdom are invaluable to any trader aiming to thrive in the market.
  • Customized Learning Paths: We recognize that every trader is unique, with different goals and learning paces. That's why our educational school offers personalized learning paths, ensuring that each trader's educational journey aligns with their aspirations and needs.
  • Continuous Learning: The financial market is dynamic, and so is our curriculum. We continuously update our materials, ensuring our traders are always abreast with the latest trends, tools, and strategies.
  • Empowering Traders: Our ultimate aim? To mold you into an informed, confident, and strategic trader. The IronFX educational program isn’t just about imparting knowledge; it's about crafting expertise and ensuring our traders are equipped to make informed decisions, minimize risks, and maximize potential returns.

With IronFX's Trading Academy, you're not just learning; you're evolving. Embark on a transformative journey, harness the vast potential of the markets, and let IronFX be your guiding star in the world of trading.

Available Assets

Step into the expansive universe of trading with IronFX, a beacon of financial excellence. Offering a bridge to the largest and most dynamic markets globally, we present an ocean of opportunities to those ready to ride the waves of the financial world.

Here's Why IronFX Elevates Your Trading Experience:

  • Diverse Trading Instruments: Beyond just offering a platform, we lay the entire financial world at your fingertips. Access a rich tapestry of over 500 trading instruments spanning across 6 distinct asset classes. From the fast-paced world of forex to the intricate dance of commodities and indices, the choices are vast and varied.
  • One Platform, Infinite Opportunities: No need to juggle between multiple platforms. Our comprehensive trading platform is your all-in-one gateway to every asset you wish to explore. Simplifying your trading journey is at the heart of our design.
  • Precision Trading: In the world of trading, every second counts. We provide ultra-tight spreads, ensuring you get the best pricing, combined with flawless execution. This allows you to seize opportunities quickly, capitalizing on even the subtlest market movements.
  • Expert Insights and Analysis: Knowledge is your strongest weapon. Equip yourself with in-depth market research, insights, and analyses provided by our seasoned team of market maestros. Stay ahead of the curve, informed and ready to act with precision.
  • A Commitment to Excellence: At IronFX, your success is our mission. We strive to ensure our clients navigate the markets with confidence. Our platform, tools, and conditions are meticulously tailored to cater to both novice traders and seasoned professionals, ensuring a seamless trading journey.
  • Unearth Every Opportunity: In the vast world of trading, opportunities are abundant but often hidden. With IronFX, we illuminate the path, guiding you towards the best prospects and helping you harness the full potential of the global markets.

With IronFX as your trading partner, you’re not just accessing markets; you’re experiencing them in their full glory. Dive in, and let us guide your voyage through the exhilarating waters of global trading.


Choose IronFX, your bridge to the vast realm of forex trading – where opportunities abound and the market never sleeps. As a broker with global recognition, we empower you to navigate the expansive forex market, one of the largest and most liquid financial playgrounds.

Why Dive into Forex Trading with IronFX?

  • Pristine Platform: Harness the power of our tailor-made MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Renowned for its efficiency, it equips traders with advanced charting tools, real-time price feeds, and seamless execution capabilities, setting the foundation for an unparalleled trading journey.
  • Comprehensive Market Insight: In the rapidly evolving world of forex, staying informed is key. Access the freshest market news, in-depth analyses, and expert commentaries, ensuring you're always a step ahead of market movements.
  • Award-winning Support: The world of forex is vast, but you’re never alone in your journey. Our exceptional multilingual customer support team, acclaimed for its excellence, stands ready to assist 24/5. Whether you're a seasoned trader or a beginner, our experts are here to guide and support your trading decisions.
  • Expansive Currency Offerings: Dive deep into the variety that forex offers. Beyond the major pairs like EUR/USD or GBP/USD, venture into the nuances of minor pairs and even the allure of exotic currency pairs. This vast selection ensures traders can spot opportunities wherever they might emerge.
  • Optimal Trading Conditions: Revel in an environment designed for success. With IronFX, you can trade with exceptionally high liquidity and benefit from spreads that are razor-thin, beginning from zero pips. This ensures traders can capitalize on even the slightest market shifts.

Embark on your forex trading expedition, backed by the prowess and expertise of IronFX. By offering a combination of optimal trading conditions, state-of-the-art tools, and unwavering support, we position you at the forefront of the forex market. Be more than just a trader; be a trailblazer in the world of currency trading.

Precious Metals

IronFX isn't merely a forex broker; it's your gateway to the shimmering world of precious metals. As the beacon of excellence in the trading realm, IronFX has earned its distinction as the epitome of reliability and proficiency when it comes to trading CFDs on venerable metals like gold and silver.

Why Consider Metals Trading with IronFX?

  • Esteemed Reputation: IronFX isn’t an ordinary broker. With a series of accolades under its belt, the firm is universally recognized for its consistent commitment to offering top-tier trading conditions, making it the gold standard in the CFDs trading sector.
  • Lustrous Opportunities Await: As they say, "Opportunity doesn't knock twice." But with spot metals trading at IronFX, you’ll find that opportunities are abundant. The dynamic nature of precious metals, coupled with the insights and tools provided by IronFX, allows traders to identify and act upon potential market movements with precision.
  • Superior Platform and Execution: Harness the full potential of your trades with IronFX’s state-of-the-art platform. Experience swift execution, real-time analytics, and a suite of tools designed to augment your trading decisions.
  • Diversify Your Trading Portfolio: Precious metals like gold and silver have long been heralded as safe havens, especially during times of economic uncertainty. Including them in your trading repertoire not only provides a hedge against volatility but also enriches your overall investment strategy.
  • Unparalleled Support and Guidance: With IronFX, you’re never alone on your trading journey. Our team of seasoned experts is always ready to guide you, offering insights that help navigate the intricate maze of the metals market.

Embark on a glistening journey with IronFX. Delve into the world of precious metals trading, leveraging the unmatched expertise of an award-winning broker. With IronFX by your side, the prospect of unearthing new trading potentials in the metals realm has never been more promising.


Engage in the dynamic world of spot commodities through Contracts for Difference (CFDs), an exemplary gateway to reap the benefits of this exciting market segment. Spot commodities CFDs are not just an entryway into the commodities realm; they stand as a strategic instrument owing to their low to negative correlations with other asset types, and the tantalizingly high returns they can offer.

Here’s Why Trading CFDs on Spot Commodities with IronFX is a Game-Changer:

  • Optimized Trading Environment: IronFX's commitment to excellence ensures that traders gain an edge with our premium trading conditions. By incorporating this asset class into your trading arsenal, you can unlock diversification potentials, thereby refining and enriching your overall trading blueprint.
  • Forex Exposure Minimized: Dive into the spot commodities CFD market without the overhead of additional foreign exchange risk. With best-in-the-market spreads and spot-on execution, you're well-equipped to navigate the commodities landscape with precision.
  • Efficiency at Its Finest with MetaTrader 4: Our cutting-edge MetaTrader 4 platform is the epitome of trading efficiency. Whether on your desktop or mobile device, this platform ensures a seamless trading experience, devoid of requotes and delays. Dive into the vibrant world of commodities with real-time data and intuitive tools.
  • Access a Rich Array of Trading Instruments: Why limit yourself? With IronFX, you’re provided with an expansive suite of over 300 trading instruments spanning 6 asset classes, all available on a singular, user-friendly platform. This extensive range ensures that you always have opportunities at your fingertips, irrespective of market conditions.
  • Unparalleled Market Insights: Information is the lifeblood of trading. And at IronFX, we ensure you're always a step ahead. Benefit from a comprehensive suite of market analyses and research, meticulously curated daily by our team of seasoned market experts. Their insights pave the way for informed, strategic trading decisions, ensuring you’re always in tune with market pulse and trends.

Harness the power of spot commodities CFDs with IronFX. Venture confidently into this captivating market, armed with top-tier tools, insights, and a trading environment tailored for your success. Your journey into the diverse realm of commodities begins here.


Step into the grand arena of share trading with IronFX, a globally acclaimed broker, and claim your slice of the global financial ecosystem. Navigate the vast expanse of the stock market and tap into the growth stories of the world's corporate behemoths.

Why IronFX Stands Out:

  • Exceptional Trading Conditions: We pride ourselves on providing rapid order execution, ensuring that when you decide to enter or exit a position, our system is there with you every step of the way. Couple this with spreads that can plummet to as low as 0 pips, and you have a trading environment that's as conducive as it's competitive.
  • A Gateway to Global Titans: With the robust and intuitive MetaTrader 4 platform at your fingertips, access to the stalwarts of industry - be it the tech trailblazer Apple, the software behemoth Microsoft, or the social media giant Facebook - is seamless. Dive into these market leaders' narratives and become part of their growth journey.
  • Diverse Portfolio Opportunities: It's not just about picking a winner but creating a balanced, diversified portfolio that can weather market ups and downs. Through IronFX, you're not just trading; you're strategizing, ensuring your portfolio reflects a mix of industries, sectors, and company sizes.
  • Fractional Shares – A Game-Changer: Why limit yourself to whole shares? With IronFX, embrace the flexibility of Fractional Shares. This revolutionary offering ensures that premier companies like Tesla, Amazon, and Apple become even more accessible. Whether you're looking to invest in 1 share or just 0.1 (a tenth) of it, we provide you the latitude to make that choice. Plus, with zero commission and a flexible leverage of up to 1:20, your trading journey is as cost-effective as it is comprehensive.
  • Maximize Earnings Potential: In the world of trading, every pip, every fraction of a share, and every decision can influence outcomes. With IronFX's unmatched service offerings, you're poised to maximize your profit potential.

Forge ahead into the world of share CFDs with IronFX. Here, every trade is a step towards greater financial understanding, more strategic decision-making, and the potential for remarkable growth. Embrace the world of stocks like never before.


In the world of trading, every savvy investor understands the need for diverse strategies and the potential of varied markets. At IronFX, we unlock the door to spot indices CFDs trading, a vibrant avenue that offers low margins combined with the depth and breadth of a world-class trading experience.

Why Choose Spot Indices with IronFX?

  • Extended Trading Hours: The world of indices never sleeps, and neither do we. Our extended trading hours ensure that no matter where you are, the market's potential is just a click away.
  • Flexibility in Positioning: Whether you're bullish or bearish, our platform accommodates both long and short trading positions. This allows active traders to leverage every market scenario to their advantage, aiming for optimal returns.
  • Broaden Your Horizon with Diversification: Indices trading offers a panoramic view of the market. Instead of putting all your eggs in a few baskets, you're investing in a broader array of assets. This diversified approach is akin to casting a wider net, ensuring that even if one or two fishes escape, you still have a significant catch.
  • Hedging Against Specific Risks: While individual stocks may be susceptible to company or sector-specific risks, trading in indices dilutes this vulnerability. By spreading investments across a spectrum of stocks, traders can sidestep the pitfalls related to any single entity or sector. This strategy, however, doesn't compromise on the potential for significant earnings.
  • Competitive Trading Conditions: At IronFX, we pride ourselves on crafting an environment that's conducive to success. Our clients are introduced to some of the most favorable conditions in the industry, facilitating a smooth journey in one of the most expansive markets globally.
  • A Pantheon of Indices Choices: Variety is the spice of trading. With IronFX, traders get to sail through an ocean of popular indices. From emerging markets to established giants, our platform hosts a plethora of choices, ensuring traders find indices that resonate with their goals and strategies.

Dive into the dynamic realm of spot indices trading with IronFX. Here, you're not just trading; you're strategizing, diversifying, and sculpting your path to potential financial growth. Experience the IronFX difference and anchor your trading aspirations in a platform built on trust, expertise, and innovation.

Copy Trading

TradeCopier is not just another trading tool; it's your window into the world of elite trading. This innovative platform empowers you to mirror the strategies of the market's most successful traders, all in real-time. Whether you're a newcomer to Forex, or you're a seasoned trader who can't devote hours to market analysis, TradeCopier offers a tailored solution. With IronFX's TradeCopier at your fingertips, you're not merely copying trades; you're tapping into a reservoir of trading acumen, harnessing years of experience, and setting your portfolio on a path of growth and diversification.

Dive Deeper: Your Two Pathways on TradeCopier

  • Strategy Follower: Venturing into the forex market without ample knowledge or time can be daunting. However, with TradeCopier's Strategy Follower option, you get to trail behind seasoned traders. Initially, you can select and mirror the approach of a single Strategy Provider. But as you grow more comfortable and your appetite for diversification rises, the platform allows you to follow and learn from multiple Strategy Providers. The best part? Complete control over your funds ensures you can withdraw whenever you wish, maintaining full autonomy over your investments.
  • Strategy Provider: If you're a trader with a proven track record and you're looking to share your insights and strategies with a broader audience, becoming a Strategy Provider might be your calling. This not only establishes you as an industry expert but also opens up potential revenue streams.

Key Benefits of TradeCopier:

  • Tailored to Your Needs: Whether you're a novice seeking guidance or a pro wanting to share insights, there's a place for you.
  • Real-time Learning: Observe, understand, and adapt strategies from top traders as market dynamics unfold.
  • Diversified Portfolio: By following multiple Strategy Providers, you can ensure a well-rounded and resilient investment portfolio.
  • Uncompromised Control: Your investment remains yours. Withdraw, diversify, or adjust as you deem fit.

Dive into the realm of informed trading with IronFX's TradeCopier and navigate the markets with the assurance of expert guidance. Register now and redefine your trading journey.


Harness the power of IronFX's revolutionary PMAM platform, designed to bring ease and precision to managing multiple forex accounts. Tailored for both adept traders and sophisticated money managers, the PMAM platform positions itself as an industry leader with its cutting-edge features and flexible interface. The hallmark of PMAM lies in its capacity to empower money managers to simultaneously oversee and trade across various MT4 accounts. It's not just a tool but an end-to-end solution, furnished with sophisticated tools that ensure seamless market execution.

PMAM: Your All-in-One Trading Solution

At its core, IronFX's PMAM software streamlines the intricacies of multi-account trading. As a trader, you can zero in on trading activities via the MetaTrader 4 Master Account while PMAM effortlessly manages the intricate backend processes.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Simplified Account Management: Administer orders, track positions, and manage equity online without any hassles.
  • Efficient Trade Execution: Execute trades with just a click, optimizing your trading experience.
  • Vast Scalability: Cater to an unlimited number of accounts with absolute ease.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Keep an eye on financial instruments' prices, forex rates, and more in real-time.
  • Insightful Reports: Acquire detailed activity reports to assess and refine your strategies.
  • OS Compatibility: Compatible with Microsoft Windows 98 and subsequent versions.

Delve into the World of PMAM's Allocation Methods

The brilliance of the PMAM platform is underscored by its diverse array of allocation methods, providing a holistic approach to managing multiple trading accounts. It supports eight distinct allocation methods, each addressing specific trading needs:

  • Lot Allocation: Dynamically divides the master trade volume across sub-accounts based on the set parameters, enabling variable lot sizes on the master account.
  • Percent Allocation: Assigns volume from the master trade to sub-accounts based on pre-defined percentages.
  • Proportional by Balance Allocation: Automatically determines the proportion of the master trade volume based on sub-accounts balances.
  • Proportional by Equity Allocation: Similar to balance allocation but factors in equity, offering automated volume calculations.
  • Equity Percent Allocation: Allocates trade volume based on individual sub-account equity percentages, tailoring risk for each.
  • Allocation by Equal Risk: Specifically addresses margin control challenges, ensuring that sub-accounts maintain a minimum percentage level.
  • Percent Allocation by P/L: Unlike traditional methods, positions aren't opened for sub-accounts. Instead, allocation happens via deposit/withdrawal transactions post the master position closure.

Explore the nuances of multi-account trading and elevate your trading acumen with IronFX's PMAM platform. Experience the synergy of convenience, flexibility, and precision in one unified platform.


The rise of Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting in the trading universe is a testament to the growing sophistication of the digital age. IronFX's VPS Hosting stands at the forefront of this revolution, combining the advantages of both shared and dedicated hosting. This fusion offers traders enhanced connectivity, unmatched stability, and speed that's indispensable for online trading.

Understanding VPS Hosting: The VPS market trajectory has witnessed a significant upswing across various domains. It's projected to grow at a robust CAGR of 15% by 2024, as per a report by The soaring demand for secure data encryption and heightened cybersecurity underscores the indispensability of VPS hosting.

IronFX's VPS: Your Trading Command Center

Say goodbye to being tethered to your personal computer. With IronFX’s VPS, connect to your MT4 from anywhere, anytime. The beauty of VPS is the autonomy it offers: trades are executed seamlessly, even if your computer is off. Our VPS hosting epitomizes speed and fortification, allowing you to trade Forex CFDs with absolute confidence. Enjoy the assurance that your system remains shielded and trades are promptly relayed, mitigating any potential delays or slippages.

Venturing Deeper into VPS:

  • What Exactly is a VPS? A VPS is essentially a segment on a server that hosts multiple accounts, each endowed with its operating system, bespoke applications, and configurations.
  • Virtualised Precision: VPS technology divvies up servers to offer users their individual virtual space, making trading on MT4 secure and expedient.
  • Always Accessible: The essence of online trading lies in its ubiquitous nature. A VPS provides this flexibility, letting you access your platform securely from anywhere.
  • The Private Element: With VPS, you possess a distinct digital domain, ensuring you don't share any resources or data. This virtual segregation guarantees rapid responses and high performance.
  • Timely Execution: VPS hosting ensures your orders are executed swiftly, so you can capitalize on distinct market conditions that might be inaccessible due to your location or time zone.

Why VPS Hosting is a Game-Changer for Forex Traders:

  • Strength & Security: Harnessing the prowess of the Microsoft Windows Server platform, our VPS hosting enables concurrent processing of Expert Advisor (EA) orders alongside your trades.
  • Stability: Navigate the dynamic terrains of the Forex market with the consistency only a VPS connection can guarantee.
  • Scalability & Flexibility: VPS hosting is tailored for growth and adaptability, making it a preferred choice for modern traders.

Embark on a Superior Trading Journey with IronFX: Elevate your trading experience with our free VPS hosting, crafted to enhance your potential. Ready to delve into this digital trading powerhouse? Register with us and harness the future of trading, today.

Account currencies
Payment Methods
Credit Card, FasaPay, Neteller, Skrill, Wire Transfer
Affiliate Program

Over the years, IronFX’s Introducing Brokers (IB) and Affiliates Program has carved a niche for itself, emerging as a go-to choice for those in search of a transparent and rewarding partnership framework. At the core of our values lies a deep-seated reverence for synergistic relationships that are not just productive but also foster trust, clarity, and mutual growth.

Our conviction is simple: the success of our traders is intertwined with ours. This ethos drives us to seek out and nurture partnerships that are enriched with value, dedication, and shared objectives. We understand that in the world of trading, the right partnerships can be a game-changer.

Key Highlights of Our Program:

  • A Focus on Mutual Benefit: At IronFX, we believe in creating an ecosystem where both parties thrive. Our IB and Affiliate Program is structured to ensure that our partners not only benefit from favorable conditions but also get the right tools and support to expand their horizon.
  • White Label Solutions: Tailored for businesses that want to leverage the robustness of IronFX’s platform while maintaining their unique brand identity, our White Label solution is a testament to our flexibility and commitment to our partners' individual needs.
  • Empowerment & Growth: With the dynamic tools and resources we provide, our partners are equipped to expand their client network and elevate their business potential. This isn’t just about immediate gains but building a sustainable and lucrative operation that stands the test of time.
  • Unwavering Commitment to Excellence: Beyond the lucrative offerings, what sets IronFX's program apart is our commitment to excellence, fairness, and transparency. We pledge to maintain an open line of communication, ensuring our partners are always in the loop and their concerns are promptly addressed.

In the ever-evolving landscape of trading, IronFX stands as a reliable pillar, offering partnerships that are built on trust, dedication, and a shared vision of success. Join us in this journey and let's co-create a future filled with unparalleled prosperity and growth.

Arabic, Czech, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese
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Minimum Lot Size: 0.01

ECN Account: 500

Mini Account, $: 100

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Yes   24/5 Trading

Yes   Demo account

Yes   Daily Analytics

Yes   Swaps

Yes   Hedging

Yes   Scalping

Yes   Minus Protection

Yes   Mobile Trading

Yes   Automated Trading

Yes   Cashback

Yes   Trust Management

Yes   Promotions

Yes   Contests

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  September 12, 2023  

In my trading with IronFX, which spans a significant three years, I've largely had a positive experience. To provide context, my initial months with them were approached with caution. Four months in, I didn't encounter any discernible issues with their trading platform. Like any seasoned trader, I knew that the real testament of a broker's reliability would be seen in the long run. So, I reserved my judgment, giving them a tentative four-star rating during those early days. It's worth noting that I hadn't made any profit withdrawals at that juncture. Fast forward to three years later, my trading experience with IronFX has been notably consistent. What stands out the most for me is the optimal spreads they offer, which are complemented by minimal swaps. It's rare and refreshing to see swaps leaning towards the positive side, particularly with major currency pairs. This has been a game-changer for my trading strategy, enabling me to keep orders open for multiple days without the usual anxiety over diminishing returns. Given that my trading strategy heavily hinges on the nuances of swaps and spreads, IronFX's competitive offerings align perfectly with my needs. This kind of synergy is what every trader seeks in a brokerage platform. So, as I reflect on my journey with them, I feel confident in giving IronFX a well-deserved five-star rating. While I understand that no platform is without its challenges, my experience has been overwhelmingly positive, making it easy for me to recommend IronFX to fellow traders.

  August 8, 2023  

IronFX, in my experience, stands out as an exemplary platform tailored to meet the diverse needs of traders, both seasoned and beginners. Boasting a plethora of trading instruments – from traditional currencies, futures, and stocks to the more contemporary cryptocurrencies – it covers a vast spectrum of trading preferences. This diversity in offerings is a testament to their commitment to staying abreast with the dynamic world of trading. The trading conditions at IronFX are notably favorable. One aspect that resonates with me is their approach to tick trades. They've structured their platform in such a manner that risks associated with these quick trades are minimized, fostering a safer trading environment. This strategic approach speaks volumes about their understanding of traders' concerns and their proactive measures to address them. Another commendable feature is their streamlined withdrawal process. In an industry riddled with platforms that often complicate withdrawals, IronFX stands apart with its automatic withdrawal system, adding a layer of trust and efficiency to the trading experience. In terms of reliability, IronFX has consistently proven to be a dependable ally in my trading journey. Beyond the platform's robust features, their commitment to equipping traders shines through in the form of competitive spreads, optimal leverage, and top-notch technical support. These facets combined make IronFX more than just a trading platform; they position it as a partner that's invested in your trading success. Drawing from my sustained positive experience, I wholeheartedly endorse IronFX. For anyone seeking a reliable, dynamic, and trader-centric platform, IronFX is a formidable choice.

  May 7, 2023  

Having engaged with IronFX’s platform for over two years now, my journey with them can best be described as commendably seamless. One of the standout features, especially for someone who trades as actively as I do, is the consistent absence of requotes when initiating an order. Such efficiency is often overlooked, but for me, it underscores IronFX's commitment to a hassle-free trading experience. Another highlight worth noting is the impressively tight spreads. Given my trading style, which often revolves around profits in the vicinity of 10 pips, these tight spreads significantly augment my profitability. It's evident that IronFX has designed its offerings with the trader's profit margins in mind. Furthermore, the platform's versatility appeals to both newcomers and seasoned traders. Novices can dip their toes into the vast ocean of trading with a modest initial deposit and experiment with micro-trades. At the same time, seasoned traders looking for razor-thin spreads can opt for accounts that come with a fee. This flexibility ensures that IronFX caters to a wide spectrum of trading styles and preferences. Speed and efficiency are at the heart of IronFX's operations. Their platform's rapid response time is a boon, especially in a field where every second can impact trade outcomes. Additionally, IronFX’s commitment to empowering its users is evident in its strategy offerings. While they do provide a myriad of ready-made strategies, both free and paid, they actively encourage and assist traders in crafting personalized strategies. This not only fosters a sense of ownership but also ensures that traders develop a deeper understanding of their trades. In conclusion, IronFX doesn't merely provide a platform; they offer an ecosystem where both budding and experienced traders can flourish. Their blend of user-friendly features, strategic guidance, and efficient execution makes them an exemplary broker in the trading world. My personal experience with them has been nothing short of exceptional, and I wholeheartedly recommend IronFX to anyone looking to optimize their trading journey.

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