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Octa General Information

OctaFX, in its essence, is a globally recognized broker that extends its services primarily to clients in Asia. It offers an intuitive platform that encompasses a broad spectrum of tradable instruments, catering to both novice and seasoned traders. Functioning in strict adherence to international legislations and regulatory standards, OctaFX is built on the bedrock of reliability and transparency. This ensures not just the safety of the funds but also offers negative balance protection to its clientele.

Understanding the OctaFX Brand

The realm of Forex trading is vast, filled with multiple players, brokers, and a myriad of trading options. Amongst them stands OctaFX, a notable name that has been resonating in the corridors of this market for years. For those who've frequently asked the question, "Is OctaFX a scam or is it legit?", this comprehensive review seeks to delve deep and provide an answer.

Five Defining Attributes of OctaFX

  • Unparalleled Security: OctaFX goes beyond mere promises and ensures that traders experience a secure environment. With some of the industry's tightest spreads, OctaFX stands out by offering fixed-rate exchange rates in certain scenarios. This is complemented by features such as negative balance protection, an industry-defining low minimum deposit, no slippage, no delays or swaps, a generous leverage of 1:500, and a zero commission policy on deposits and withdrawals.
  • Sheer Convenience: Bridging the gap between global standards and local necessities, OctaFX offers deposit and withdrawal options that cater to local preferences. This, coupled with a multilingual customer support team, reinforces its dedication to user convenience.
  • Reassuring Trustworthiness: OctaFX's reputation isn't just based on word of mouth; it's solidified by numerous awards from various Forex-focused entities. The title of "Top Broker in Asia" is a testament to its prowess and reliability.
  • Lucrative Profit Avenues: Beyond the regular trading options, OctaFX extends its users the opportunity to participate in some of the industry's most enticing contests. With rewards ranging from brand new cars to weekly scooter draws, there's always something to look forward to. Furthermore, the periodic bonuses, which sometimes reach up to 100% during special occasions, provide an additional layer of incentive for traders.
  • Rewarding Loyalty: OctaFX isn't just about trading; it's about building relationships. With their exclusive free status program, loyal traders can avail benefits such as reduced spreads, expedited withdrawals, and access to elite VIP events. The cherry on top? Trading can even get you exceptional gifts like MacBooks!

Delving Deeper: The OctaFX Legacy

Having embedded itself deeply within the societal fabric of the countries it operates in, OctaFX's charitable initiatives set it apart. The assertion that no Forex broker rivals OctaFX's trustworthiness is backed by their accolade cabinet, boasting over 35 awards. With titles like "Best Forex Broker in Asia (2020)" and "Best Mobile Trading App" by European CEO Magazine in 2018, OctaFX isn't just another broker; it's an industry leader.

Regulatory Compliance and Brand Structure

OctaFX operates under two distinct entities to cater to a diverse clientele. Octa Markets Cyprus Ltd, registered in Cyprus, operates under the regulatory oversight of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) through the domain OctaFX.eu. This provides European clients with enhanced safeguards and a trusted trading environment. Conversely, OctaFX.com is a product of Octa Markets Incorporated, based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, offering its users the benefits of higher leverage and promotional bonuses.

Tech Savvy: The OctaFX Mobile App

In today's fast-paced world, mobile trading is not just a luxury but a necessity. Recognizing this, OctaFX has introduced its award-winning mobile trading app, available freely across app stores. The seamless transition from desktop to mobile, enriched with features like leverage modification, contest tracking, bonus activations, and more, is testament to OctaFX's tech-forward approach. The app's user-friendly interface, available in nine languages, ensures that traders, regardless of their geographical location, can navigate with ease.

A Hub of Knowledge and Support

Beyond its trading platform, OctaFX stands as a beacon of knowledge. Whether you reside in India, Indonesia, or Pakistan, OctaFX ensures that traders are equipped with daily expert trading advice and educational insights. For those keen on learning, OctaFX's regular webinars, conducted in collaboration with industry stalwarts, offer an invaluable resource.

Choosing a Forex broker is akin to selecting a partner for a long journey. Factors like trustworthiness, platform efficiency, mobile trading capabilities, customer service, and ancillary services all come into play. OctaFX, with its vast experience, robust platform, and client-centric approach, stands as a luminary in this regard. To answer the initial question: OctaFX is not just legit; it's exceptional.

Discover a Comprehensive Hub of Essential Forex Trading Tools

Dive into a one-stop destination where all vital Forex trading tools converge. Here, you can effortlessly track which trading sessions are active and ascertain precise trading hours for each asset at your fingertips. Stay updated on upcoming pivotal events that hold the potential to sway market prices. With our live quotes feature, you can monitor real-time rates for the major currency pairs seamlessly.

Think of this as your personal trading assistant, always ready to provide a swift market overview whenever you're gearing up to initiate an order. It's designed to equip you with all the necessary insights, ensuring you're always a step ahead in your trading journey.

Trade with Assurance: Negative Balance Protection by OctaFX

At OctaFX, we prioritize your trading experience. Our commitment to safeguarding your investments is evidenced by our negative balance protection feature available to every client. Our robust risk management system ensures that you can never incur losses beyond your initial deposit. Should your balance go negative due to unforeseen market movements, OctaFX promptly adjusts your account balance back to zero.

  • User: Can I end up owing more than my initial deposit? What happens if my account balance goes negative?
  • OctaFX: With OctaFX's negative balance protection in place, you never have to worry about falling into debt. If ever your account balance dips into the negative territory, we automatically reset it to zero. This guarantee ensures your risk exposure is strictly confined to your deposited funds. Importantly, our policy ensures you're never liable for debts beyond what you've deposited, making your trading journey secure.

Key Features of Our Protection:

  • Debt Safeguard: No potential for debts beyond your deposit.
  • Automatic Resets: Should your balance go negative, it's immediately adjusted to zero.
  • Risk Mitigation: We recognize that during significant economic events, sudden market shifts can drastically influence asset values. These moments of high volatility can sometimes result in clients' equity taking a hit. In such scenarios, OctaFX is committed to bringing your balance back to zero.

For Added Assurance, Consider These Preventive Strategies:

  • Implement Stop Loss: Protect your investments by setting predetermined limits.
  • Exercise Leverage Wisely: It's a powerful tool; use it judiciously.
  • Monitor Trading Volumes: Being vigilant about the volumes you're trading can act as an additional safety net.

Trade smart, trade safe with OctaFX.

Octa Trading Information 2024

Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Trading software

The world of trading is evolving, and with it, the tools and platforms traders use. Enter OctaTrader, a platform meticulously designed to align seamlessly with your trading style, ensuring a smooth and intuitive user experience.

A Platform That Prioritizes the Trader

OctaTrader isn't just any trading platform; it's your trading companion, built and refined to enhance your trading efficacy. The integration of charting technology by TradingView elevates your analysis, presenting the latest currency rates, including giants like EURUSD and GBPUSD. And with tools designed to keep you abreast of market trends, critical news, and future events like the Economic Calendar, you're always one step ahead.

Designed for Efficiency and Simplicity

  • Unified Interface: Say goodbye to wasted time. With OctaTrader, your profile, trading accounts, and financial transactions are seamlessly integrated, making everything readily accessible.
  • Trade on Any Device: Whether you're on your desktop at home, or your tablet while on the move, OctaTrader’s multiplatform ensures your trading is never interrupted.
  • Enhanced Trading Insight: With easy access to comprehensive market analytics, you're empowered with a deep understanding of financial markets.

OctaTrader: Crafted with You in Mind

  • Instant Actions: Engage in one-click trading, streamlining your decisions into immediate actions.
  • Stay Informed: With terminal alerts and notifications, remain updated about vital market changes.
  • Exclusive Brokerage Information: Stay updated on brokerage promotions and programs designed to benefit you.
  • Effortless Financial Transactions: Experience smooth deposits and withdrawals, making your financial management hassle-free.
  • Up-to-date Analytics: With regularly updated market analytics, you’re equipped with fresh insights for informed decisions.
  • Dedicated Support: Benefit from customer support that collaborates directly with the platform developers, ensuring your concerns are addressed with expertise.

Trading Features Designed for Precision

  • Trade Directly on Charts: Visualize and act in real-time, streamlining your trading process.
  • Strategic Trade Planning: Set Stop Loss and Take Profit levels for strategic trading.
  • Optimized Order Management: Utilize the partial close option for orders, and set up pending orders for future executions.

OctaTrader: A Personalized Trading Experience

Our mission was clear from the beginning: to create a trading space that resonated with the trader. After over two years of extensive research, which included interviewing traders globally, we gleaned invaluable insights into traders' true needs and preferences. OctaTrader is the culmination of that understanding. It's a platform not just built for traders but inspired by them, designed to empower you to maximize returns through intelligent and controlled investments. Dive into a trading experience that feels like it was crafted just for you.

Free Education

At OctaFX, we believe in fostering a continuous learning environment. Our team of seasoned industry experts hosts both daily and weekly webinars, ensuring that you're always updated and equipped. These sessions dive deep into various trading strategies, offer insights into the nuances of fundamental analysis, and provide a platform for traders to ask their pressing questions. Whether you're a novice trying to understand the basics or a seasoned trader looking to refine your strategies, our webinars are tailored to meet your needs.

Stay Ahead with Expert Market Insights In the fast-paced world of trading, staying updated is paramount. Our market experts work diligently to bring you daily and weekly forecasts that keep you abreast of the latest market trends. Get actionable trading ideas on the most sought-after currency pairs, coupled with in-depth analysis, giving you the edge you need in the ever-changing trading landscape.

Your Gateway to Forex Trading

Comprehensive Education Dive into the world of Forex trading armed with knowledge. OctaFX offers an expansive library of educational materials curated to help traders of all levels. From foundational concepts for those just starting out to advanced strategies for the experienced traders, our resources are designed to ensure you're always learning and growing. And the best part? These materials are available to every OctaFX client, ensuring everyone has the tools they need to succeed in Forex trading.

At OctaFX, we are committed to not just providing a platform for trading but also ensuring that our clients have the knowledge and insights they need to make informed trading decisions. Join us, and let's embark on a journey to trading excellence together.

Account Types

Diverse Account Types Tailored for Your Trading Needs at OctaFX:

OctaFX MT5 Account:

  • Ideal For: Innovative traders looking for advanced trading features.
  • Highlights: This platform is designed for those who are in tune with modern technology and seek smart tech trading solutions. It offers an array of tools and charting capabilities to ensure you stay ahead in the ever-evolving forex market.

OctaFX MT4 Account:

  • Ideal For: Traditional traders who prefer a familiar environment.
  • Highlights: Perfect for those looking for an uncomplicated start. The MT4 platform is known for its user-friendly interface and is widely adopted by many traders worldwide. It provides all the essential tools needed for effective trading in a layout that feels like home to many.

Choose the account that aligns with your trading style and preferences. Whether you're a tech-savvy trader or someone who likes to stick to tried-and-true methods, OctaFX has got you covered.

Available Assets

Delving into the world of trading with OctaFX opens up a plethora of opportunities for both novice and seasoned traders. Here's a detailed look into the diverse range of assets available for trading on the platform:

  • Currency Pairs: OctaFX provides its users with access to 35 of the most volatile currency pairs, catering to the demands of Forex traders. With a generous maximum leverage of 1:500, traders have the potential to capitalize on even the smallest market movements.
  • Global Stocks: Expanding its reach to the global stock market, OctaFX boasts a selection of 150 stocks sourced from 16 prominent exchanges around the world. With a maximum leverage of 1:20, it allows traders to get exposure to major corporations and industries worldwide.
  • Indices: For those who prefer to trade on the broader market trends, OctaFX offers up to 10 of the most renowned indices. With a 1:50 maximum leverage, traders can benefit from the aggregated performance of top companies from various sectors.
  • Precious Metals: The timeless allure of gold and silver remains unchallenged. On OctaFX, traders can capitalize on the fluctuations of these precious metals, backed by a substantial leverage of 1:200.
  • Energy Commodities: Recognizing the critical role of energy resources in the global economy, OctaFX provides access to vital commodities like the United States Natural Gas, Brent Crude Oil, and West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil. With a 1:100 maximum leverage, traders can participate in the dynamic world of energy trading.
  • Cryptocurrencies: In sync with the digital age, OctaFX ensures its traders are not left behind in the cryptocurrency revolution. Offering 30 of the most recognized cryptocurrencies, the platform provides a leverage of up to 1:25, enabling traders to engage with this burgeoning market.

OctaFX's comprehensive asset offerings signify its commitment to providing diverse trading opportunities. By offering a mix of traditional and modern assets with varying levels of leverage, OctaFX ensures that its traders have the flexibility and tools they need to craft a well-rounded and strategic portfolio.


At OctaFX, we believe in the power of transparency. We've built our reputation on it. Unlike many other brokers, we don’t hide behind perplexing fees or concealed commissions. Every trading condition we offer is transparent, ensuring that you can trade with clarity and confidence.

A Seamless Experience Tailored for You

Your convenience and security are paramount to us. We’ve designed our services to not only be highly secure but also incredibly user-centric. Right from the moment you set up your trading account, we empower you to fine-tune your trading preferences. And we're unique in that we don't cap the number of accounts you can have. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned trader, you'll find the trading platform and conditions that suit your style perfectly.

Automate Your Trading for Enhanced Precision

In the modern trading world, speed and accuracy are everything. If you're looking to leverage the efficiency of trading bots, OctaFX has got you covered. Automated systems like Expert Advisor and cBot can be a game-changer. They operate devoid of emotion, ensuring decisions are calculated and swift. Plus, their focus is unwavering, eliminating the risk of human error. Test these systems' prowess on our unlimited demo accounts and, once you're confident, deploy them on your live OctaFX trading account for optimal results.

Safety First: Negative Balance Protection

One of our standout features is the provision of negative balance protection. We understand that trading can sometimes go south. So, in the unlikely event that your investment faces a substantial risk and your balance turns negative after an unfavorable order, we've got your back. We'll reset your balance back to zero, ensuring you're never in debt. You won't owe us a penny. However, while we provide this safety net, we always encourage our traders to build robust strategies and prioritize capital preservation.

In a nutshell, OctaFX isn't just a platform for trading; it's a partner that prioritizes your success, security, and convenience. Join us and experience a new standard in currency trading.


Elevate your trading game with OctaFX as we simplify commodities trading for you. Delve into the intriguing world of gold, silver, crude oil, and a spectrum of other commodities with our expert assistance. Commodities represent tangible assets you can trade, encompassing metals like gold, silver, platinum, and copper, as well as energy resources such as crude oil and natural gas. The allure of commodities for traders lies in their limited correlation to the volatile swings of currencies and the stock market. This unique characteristic enables commodities to play a pivotal role in constructing a diversified and resilient investment portfolio. In today's evolved investment landscape, multiple avenues are accessible for commodities trading, with derivative trading reigning supreme. This approach empowers you to speculate on a commodity’s price trajectory without the obligation of asset ownership.

Advantages of Derivative Trading:

  • Versatility in Market Movements: Reap profits from both booming and declining markets, expanding your profit avenues.
  • Consolidated Market Speculation: Engage with an expansive range of markets all from a single, unified platform.
  • Optimized Capital Allocation: Through margin trading, distribute your investments across multiple assets rather than committing all funds to a singular transaction.

Gold (XAU/USD) - The Golden Asset: Gold's allure as a tradable commodity has magnified with the rise of online investments. This shimmering metal offers an uncomplicated yet effective avenue for lucrative returns. Its innate value and historical dependability have rendered it a mainstay for traders. Especially during financial downturns or heightened inflation, precious metals like gold emerge as a safe harbor.

Gold Trading Highlights:

  • Foremost among traded commodities.
  • Robust safeguard against both inflation and deflation.
  • Sustained, historical demand.

OctaFX: The Ideal Commodities Trading Partner

  • Zero Round-Turn Commissions: Many brokers impose charges upon market entry. At OctaFX, we sideline such fees, allowing you to channel your energies on astute trading and profit accumulation.
  • Industry-Leading Spreads: We have meticulously whittled down your trading expenses, offering you some of the most competitive spreads in the sector.
  • Adaptable Leverage up to 1:200: Leverage augments your market foothold with a modest initial outlay, essentially magnifying potential returns when the market moves in your favor.
  • Complimentary Market Intel: Remain abreast of market movements with our analyst-driven insights, dispatched directly to your trading platform or mobile device.

Conclusion: Choose OctaFX for an enriched commodities trading experience. With us, you're not just trading; you're making informed, strategic, and profitable decisions.


Trading stock market is rapidly gaining traction among traders worldwide. But why? Compared to the traditional route of trading individual stocks, indices offer a straightforward, efficient approach. Here's the breakdown:

  • Quick Execution: Time is of the essence in trading, and with indices, transactions are executed swiftly.
  • Flexibility: Unlike traditional stocks, there's no restriction on short selling and day trading, allowing for a broader range of strategies.
  • Profit Potential: Thanks to Contracts For Difference (CFD), you can capitalize on both upward and downward stock market movements. This flexibility means, if your market predictions are on point, your potential for returns is substantial.
  • Cost-Efficiency: CFDs on indices come at a lower cost than trading the underlying index. This, coupled with the chance for significant profits, makes it a sought-after option.
  • Unbeatable Spreads: OctaFX takes pride in offering the industry's most competitive spreads on indices.
  • Instant Execution: With market execution capabilities, trades are processed without delays, ensuring that you never miss a lucrative opportunity.

A World of Opportunities with OctaFX Unveil the power of global markets at your fingertips. Dive into 16 of the world's prominent stock exchanges seamlessly. Enhance your portfolio by trading stocks from giants like Apple, Tesla, and Amazon. Whether you're looking at the U.S., U.K., Europe, Japan, Singapore, or Australia, OctaFX has got you covered.

The OctaFX Advantage: Trading Stocks Redefined

  • Zero Commission: Say goodbye to hidden fees. With OctaFX, you won't be burdened with charges for trading or even for maintaining leveraged positions overnight.
  • Generous Leverage: Enjoy free leverage up to 1:20, empowering you to operate with sums significantly larger than your initial investment, thereby maximizing your profit potential.
  • Short Selling Empowerment: The market isn't always bullish. But with OctaFX, you can profit even when it's bearish, thanks to the power of short selling.
  • Dividend Benefits: We believe in promptness. Thus, the moment a dividend payout is available, we ensure it's credited to you without delay.
  • Swift Financial Transactions: The ease of trading is reflected in our rapid deposit and withdrawal system. Your funds are accessible exactly when you need them.

Choose OctaFX and step into a world of efficient, profitable stock trading like never before.


Explore the vibrant world of index trading by leveraging the powerful MT4 and MT5 trading platforms offered by OctaFX. With us, you're not just restricted to one or two choices; we bring to your fingertips the opportunity to profit from 10 of the globally recognized indices. This list includes the iconic Dow Jones, the tech-heavy NASDAQ, Japan's premier Nikkei, and the European benchmark, Eurostoxx 50.

Reasons to Trade Indices with OctaFX:

  • Utilize Renowned Trading Platforms: MT4 & MT5 These platforms are revered worldwide for their advanced features, user-friendliness, and high compatibility. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned trader, the MT4 and MT5 platforms are tailored to cater to all your trading needs.
  • Boosted Profit Potential with 1:50 Leverage At OctaFX, we understand the significance of leveraging in enhancing your profit potential. With a leverage of 1:50, you can control positions that are up to 50 times larger than your initial investment, allowing for greater market exposure.
  • Competitive Low Spreads Enjoy minimized trading costs thanks to our razor-sharp spreads. At OctaFX, we are committed to offering you the most competitive spreads, ensuring that a significant portion of your earnings remains with you.
  • Transparent Trading with No Hidden Charges We believe in clarity and honesty. Thus, when you trade with us, rest assured there are no swaps and absolutely zero commissions. What you see is what you get!
  • Access to Expert Advisors and Innovative Trading Ideas To ensure you're always a step ahead in the trading game, we provide access to Expert Advisors. These are automated systems that can execute trades on your behalf based on pre-defined criteria. Additionally, our platform is equipped with a plethora of innovative trading ideas, ensuring you're never short of inspiration.

Choosing OctaFX for index trading is synonymous with choosing efficiency, transparency, and profitability. Embrace the world of indices with us and redefine your trading experience.

Copy Trading

In the dynamic world of trading, numerous platforms have emerged, providing novices the opportunity to emulate the strategies of professional traders. Yet, OctaFX has carved a distinctive niche in this arena. Recognized as the 'Best Copy Trading Platform 2020' by Forex-Awards, OctaFX's program isn't just another run-of-the-mill offering; it's a testament to dedication and precision.

What Sets OctaFX Apart?

  • Selective Exploration: Beyond merely listing thousands of Master Traders, OctaFX has tailored its platform to allow users to delve into categories that align with their interests. Prospective copiers can gain insights into the strategies espoused by these seasoned traders, ensuring an informed decision-making process.
  • Robust Monitoring by Experts: OctaFX isn’t just about providing a platform; it's about ensuring its integrity. The company’s in-house experts meticulously oversee Master Traders to ensure they maintain transparent practices and refrain from engaging in perilous trading behaviors. This rigorous surveillance reassures those copying that they are emulating strategies deemed sound by the platform.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: While many brokers might proclaim superior customer service, OctaFX genuinely delivers on this promise. With a multilingual support team available around the clock, every query is addressed promptly. Given the global expanse of OctaFX's services, this commitment to user satisfaction is indeed commendable.
  • Competitive Trading Conditions: OctaFX is synonymous with value. Boasting ultra-tight spreads, the platform offers quotes accurate to five decimal places, with spreads commencing from an astonishing zero pips for their ECN accounts. Furthermore, traders are spared any commission charges, amplifying the platform's allure.

The OctaFX Advantage

In a rapidly evolving trading landscape, peace of mind is invaluable. Knowing there’s a reliable, transparent, and award-winning platform to aid your journey ensures you focus on what's essential: making informed trading decisions. With its unique blend of features, unparalleled customer support, and a commitment to ensuring ethical trading practices, OctaFX undoubtedly stands tall among its peers. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned trader, the OctaFX experience promises to be both enlightening and enriching.

Trading signals

Introducing free Forex signals from Autochartist: Elevate your trading experience with timely alerts that guide you on when to initiate or close a trade. With Autochartist, not only do you get a cutting-edge forex signal provider, but you also unlock a suite of tools designed to sharpen your trading prowess.

Benefits of Using the Autochartist Forex Signal Provider with OctaFX:

  • Automated Trade Alerts: Stay ahead of the curve by following automated prompts to both initiate and conclude trades. No more guesswork or missed opportunities.
  • Optimize Your Strategy: Harness the power of our volatility analysis tool to refine your Stop loss and Take profit levels. Make calculated moves backed by data.
  • Swift Responses to Market Dynamics: With Autochartist, you're always primed to react instantly to significant price shifts, ensuring you remain agile in a fast-paced trading environment.
  • High Prediction Accuracy: Trust the metrics – enjoy a remarkable 83% trend prediction precision on USD pairs, among others.
  • Boost Your Profit Potential: With the assistance of identified emerging and completed chart patterns, you stand a chance to close up to 50% more orders in profit.
  • Stay Updated with Market Reports: Knowledge is power. Keep your finger on the pulse with comprehensive Autochartist market reports, ensuring you're always informed about the market's latest trends and potential opportunities.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigating Autochartist is a breeze. Dive in and witness firsthand the ease and functionality it brings to your trading.

Why Choose Autochartist with OctaFX?

  • Compatibility with MetaTrader 4/5: Seamlessly integrate Autochartist with your preferred trading platform, amplifying your trading potential.
  • Reliable Predictions: Our forecasts are grounded in a meticulous analysis of OctaFX quotes. We ensure accuracy and reliability over randomness.
  • Backed by Trusted Liquidity Providers: We collaborate with renowned liquidity providers to ensure you have the best data to base your trading decisions on.

Enhancing your trading journey is just a click away. Experience the Autochartist difference with OctaFX and navigate the Forex market with greater confidence and precision.

Account currencies
Payment Methods

Understanding the diverse needs of its global clientele, OctaFX provides an array of payment methods designed for convenience and security. Here's a comprehensive look into the available transaction methods on the platform:

  • Credit Cards: OctaFX supports transactions through major credit cards. This mainstream payment method ensures quick, convenient, and secure fund transfers, facilitating both deposits and withdrawals.
  • Wire Transfer: A traditional yet trusted method, wire transfers are perfect for those who prefer bank-based transactions. Though it might take a bit longer compared to other methods, its familiarity and reliability make it a favorite for many.
  • Skrill: As a popular e-wallet service, Skrill provides a seamless online transaction experience. Its user-friendly interface and swift processing times make it a preferred choice for traders who value speed and simplicity.
  • FasaPay: Catering specifically to the needs of the Southeast Asian market, FasaPay is an online payment gateway that's rapidly gaining traction. It’s favored for its local connectivity and efficient transaction processes.
  • Neteller: Another renowned e-wallet solution, Neteller boasts a wide user base thanks to its ease of use and high-security standards. OctaFX’s integration with Neteller ensures that clients have another reliable e-payment solution at their fingertips.
  • Local Banks: Recognizing the importance of localized solutions, OctaFX collaborates with several local banks in different regions. This ensures that traders can easily make deposits and withdrawals using their trusted banking institutions without facing any cross-border transaction challenges.

OctaFX's commitment to offering a diverse range of payment methods underscores its dedication to customer convenience and trust. Whether you're a trader who prefers traditional banking methods or someone who's comfortable with modern e-wallet solutions, OctaFX ensures your financial interactions are smooth, secure, and efficient.

Affiliate Program

Being an OctaFX Affiliate offers a spectrum of benefits that transcend beyond the mere prospect of client attraction. Here's a more detailed glimpse into what being an OctaFX Affiliate entails:

  • Seamless Onboarding: OctaFX ensures a swift and hassle-free start for its affiliates. With streamlined processes in place, it ensures that you're up and running without any unnecessary delays or complications.
  • Optimal Trading Conditions: For those affiliates who are also keen traders or have clientele who are, OctaFX guarantees impeccable trading conditions. This enhances user satisfaction, fostering long-term loyalty and increasing referral potential.
  • Lucrative Affiliate Compensation: The monetary rewards of being an OctaFX Affiliate are substantial. The platform boasts high affiliate payouts, ensuring that every referral translates into a significant financial gain for the affiliate.
  • Customized Solutions for Elite Affiliates: Recognizing the unique needs and potential of its top affiliates, OctaFX provides bespoke solutions tailored to maximize their outreach and benefits.
  • Efficient and Timely Payments: OctaFX prioritizes its affiliates just as it does its traders. Payments are processed promptly, ensuring that affiliates receive their dues without undue waiting periods.
  • Unrestricted Earnings: One of the standout features of the OctaFX Affiliate program is its lack of capping on payout limits. This means that the sky's the limit when it comes to how much an affiliate can earn, reflecting the platform's commitment to rewarding effort and excellence.

In essence, being an OctaFX Affiliate is about being part of a rewarding ecosystem that values its partners, ensuring that they have all the tools, support, and incentives to succeed and grow.

First Deposit Bonus
English, Indonesian, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Bahasa Malaysia, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Vietnamese, German
Spread Type
Broker Type

Minimum Lot Size: 0.01

ECN Account: 50

Mini Account, $: 50

Digits After Dot

Yes   24/5 Trading

Yes   Demo account

Yes   Daily Analytics

Yes   Swaps

Yes   Hedging

Yes   Scalping

Yes   Mobile Trading

Yes   Automated Trading

Yes   Minus Protection

Yes   Promotions

Yes   Contests

Octa Traders Reviews

  August 30, 2023  

On August 29, 2023, I attempted to make two separate deposits into my OctaFx trading account: one for INR 14,100 and another for INR 29,000. Both transactions were initiated through PhonePe. From my side, both deposits went through successfully. However, I encountered a roadblock when the payment gateway couldn't verify these transactions, despite the fact that the funds were debited from my bank account. In an attempt to solve this issue, I contacted OctaFx's customer support. They assured me that in cases where an instant transfer is halted for any reason, the funds would be automatically credited within 24 hours. Feeling somewhat relieved, I shared my payment proofs. They reiterated, "Your funds are safe with us." Yet, 24 hours passed, and there was no sign of my money in the trading account. Upon my second outreach to them, OctaFx's response was less than satisfactory. They informed me they were waiting on the payment provider to address the issue, and the resolution entirely depended on the provider's efficiency. Four days into this ordeal, the narrative remains unchanged. They continuously stated that they were awaiting an update from the payment gateway. It's perplexing, as most payment gateways I'm familiar with tend to respond within 24-48 hours. The mode of deposit was questionable, to begin with. The payment gateway provided a random individual’s number for the funds transfer, with no indication that it was linked to OctaFx. After this incident, I started questioning OctaFx's legitimacy and their operational methods. A quick search on this forum reveals I'm not alone, as there are other traders who have faced withdrawal issues stemming from similar payment gateway challenges. I've been an active trader with OctaFx for over a year. Their trading platform and features are commendable. However, when it comes to the financial transactions, such as deposits and withdrawals, the experience is far from smooth. This raises concerns about their sincerity in handling traders' money and their choice of payment gateways. Currently, I'm in limbo. OctaFx is unable to provide any concrete timeframe for the resolution, be it a day, a week, a month, or even a year. I aim to keep this forum updated on the status of my funds to inform and assist fellow traders who might be in a similar situation. While OctaFx may excel in providing trading opportunities, it's imperative for them to ensure a seamless deposit and withdrawal process. Traders need assurance and transparency when it comes to their hard-earned money.

  August 1, 2023  

I've been generally satisfied with the withdrawal process, which is usually prompt. However, on a couple of occasions, I did experience some delays. Customer support was responsive, but a heads-up from them would have been appreciated. Their platform is user-friendly and intuitive. Order execution is fast, although during major news events, there have been some slight delays which is expected in the industry.

  July 28, 2023  

I embarked on my trading journey with OctaFX and stayed with them for a notable period before exploring alternatives. My transition to another broker was primarily driven by the allure of enhanced terms, conditions, and a broader spectrum of investment offerings elsewhere. During my stint with OctaFX, I occasionally encountered slippage when initiating or closing orders. But to be candid, such instances were sparse. Slippage, to many, might be perceived as a detriment; however, my understanding and experience suggest that it's more of an inherent aspect of market execution rather than a particular shortcoming of the broker. Thus, I don't harbor any reservations against OctaFX in this context. Being inclined towards passive investment strategies, my interactions with OctaFX's offerings revolved largely around their copy trading service. While the utility of such a feature can't be understated, especially for novices seeking to mimic the moves of seasoned traders, it didn't quite satiate my appetite. Copy trading has its merits, offering a modicum of safety and predictability. Yet, when juxtaposed against investment portfolios and PAMM accounts, its profitability does seem to wane a bit. In summation, OctaFX, in my view, is a competent broker. They offer tools and services that cater to a wide audience, but for traders with specific requirements like mine, there's a possibility they might feel the need to branch out. It's not a reflection of OctaFX's capabilities but more about the evolving needs of a trader.

  June 29, 2023  

The array of trading tools OctaFX offers is impressive and aids in making informed decisions. While the tools are comprehensive, I think the commission structure for some currency pairs could be reviewed for better competitiveness. One of the reasons I chose OctaFX was their regulatory credentials. It's comforting to trade with a broker that adheres to global standards. So far, they've been reliable with no significant issues on my end.

  June 15, 2023  

Last year, I had the opportunity to engage with OctaFX, albeit for a brief duration. On the whole, OctaFX presented itself as a relatively standard broker, not standing out particularly but certainly not lacking in its offerings. In terms of trading conditions, OctaFX is comfortably nestled within the industry average. They provide mid-market spreads which, while not exceptional, are in line with what one would expect. The commission they charge per lot closely mirrors what's prevalent across other competitors in the market. A commendable aspect is their $100 deposit threshold. While this might seem modest, it’s a pragmatic entry point. From my perspective, starting a trading journey with anything less would be ineffectual, rendering the $100 benchmark quite sensible. OctaFX has displayed a penchant for engaging its user base by hosting regular contests. This serves as a platform for both amateur traders on demo accounts and seasoned professionals with real accounts to showcase their prowess. It's a refreshing approach to foster a sense of community and competition. The broker also offers deposit bonuses, which, at a glance, might seem enticing, especially to newcomers. However, there's a caveat. The stipulations tied to these bonuses, primarily regarding the requisite trading volume, can be somewhat demanding. This could potentially dissuade beginners or those not equipped to meet such high-volume requirements. In conclusion, while OctaFX doesn't necessarily break the mold, they offer a consistent, reliable platform for traders. Their initiatives to engage their community are noteworthy, even if some of their bonus structures might benefit from a more inclusive approach.

  April 5, 2023  

OctaFX scores well on transparency. I've always found them upfront about their charges. The range of tradeable assets is diverse enough for my trading needs, though adding a few more might appeal to broader audiences. Platform stability has been commendable. I've had uninterrupted trading experiences both on the desktop and mobile apps.

  March 17, 2023  

Dipping my toes into the world of Forex trading was both exhilarating and nerve-wracking, but OctaFX turned out to be a solid choice as my introductory broker. Given my relatively fresh journey, spanning just three months, I needed a platform that could offer reliability coupled with a user-friendly experience. OctaFX did not disappoint. Diving into the specifics, the spread on the EUR/USD pairing while using MT4 has been fairly reasonable, oscillating between 0.8 to 1.8 pips. This was a key metric for me, and I was pleased to see the competitive rates OctaFX offered. What further sweetened the deal was the absence of any additional charges from the broker's end when I injected funds into my account. Although there was a marginal fee levied by Skrill on my deposit of $150, it was only about a dollar, which seemed nominal and didn’t deter my overall experience. However, the highlight of my OctaFX journey thus far has undoubtedly been the comprehensive training section on their website. Not only is the content curated with beginners like me in mind, but it's also articulated in a lucid manner, making complex concepts digestible. The inclusion of practical examples further cemented my understanding, and I felt better equipped to navigate the Forex realm. My next step with OctaFX involves withdrawing funds, which I intend to initiate in the coming days. This will be a pivotal moment for me. If the withdrawal process unfolds seamlessly, and my earnings land in my bank without any hitches, I foresee a sustained partnership with OctaFX. To sum it up, as a novice, the importance of finding a broker that aligns with one's needs cannot be overstated. OctaFX, with its blend of competitive offerings and educational resources, has been a comforting ally in my initial trading adventures.

  February 7, 2023  

The analysis tools provided by OctaFX are comprehensive. As for their educational resources, they're good for newcomers, but traders with more experience might look for more advanced materials. I appreciate how OctaFX values customer feedback. After providing some suggestions, I noticed improvements, which shows they're actively listening to their clientele. While OctaFX provides a feature-rich environment catering to diverse trading strategies, I feel their fee structure can be reviewed. Some charges, especially overnight fees, feel a bit on the higher side.

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