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Founded 2001
Regulation ASIC, CySEC, FCA, EFSA
Standard account $100
Leverage 1:500
Spread 1-3

Admirals General Information

Since its inception in 2001, Admirals has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the financial trading landscape. With our unwavering commitment to fostering informed financial choices, we have amalgamated stellar trading conditions with a cutting-edge trading and investment platform. With Admirals, you access a vast universe of financial instruments - from Stocks, ETFs, Forex pairs, and CFDs to commodities, bonds, and even cryptocurrencies. For those eyeing the blue-chip stocks, we offer Fractional shares, making high-value stocks accessible at just a fraction of their price! Being an STP provider, Admirals ensures a lightning-fast market execution. Frequent traders find value in our competitive pricing structures, encapsulating both spreads and commissions. Experience uncompromised trading, aided by state-of-the-art software solutions, ensuring your every trade is a step towards success.

Embark on a Trial Voyage with Our Demo Trading

Why choose Admirals? We encapsulate the essence of trading and investment:

  • Learn: Dive deep into the world of CFD trading and stock market investments with our comprehensive webinars, live expert sessions, extensive Forex tutorials, and a wealth of other resources.
  • Trade: Harness the power of leverage to capitalize on market movements in any direction. Multiply your investment and seize the myriad of opportunities that the trading world offers.
  • Invest: For those who appreciate the traditional investment avenues, Admirals brings forth an expansive array of Stocks and ETFs. Leverage modern tech to invest in a plethora of instruments, elevating your investment game.

Your Trust is Our Commitment

Admirals isn't just a global entity; it's a promise of trustworthiness that has stood the test of time since 2001. We ensure:

  • Utmost security with client funds stored in segregated accounts in top-tier banks, distinct from our operational funds.
  • Extended funds insurance, covering up to 100,000 EUR.

Tools for the Modern Trader

Our platforms are more than just interfaces; they are your trading companions. With MetaTrader 4 & 5, universally acclaimed for their robustness, along with tools like VPS and StereoTrader, we assure a potent trading experience. Whether you're on your desktop, tablet, or mobile, our platforms adjust, ensuring consistent and intuitive trading.

Empowering You with Knowledge

We don't just provide trading platforms; we ensure you wield them with knowledge. From novices to seasoned professionals, our curated courses, webinars, podcasts, and articles cater to all. Stay a step ahead with daily insights, expert analyses, eBooks, video tutorials, and a plethora of resources tailored for success.

Admirals’ Pledge:

  • We Unite: Bridging trading, personal finance, and investment.
  • We Simplify: Making money management and financial learning a breeze.
  • We Connect: Bringing the world closer with our extensive expertise and offerings.

Choose Admirals. Choose informed financial empowerment.

Comprehensive Regulatory Authorization Overview

Admiral Markets Cyprus Limited Overview Established under the stringent legal framework of the Republic of Cyprus, Admiral Markets Cyprus Limited stands as a limited liability company with its unique registration identifier, HE310328. Taking pride in its adherence to international standards, the firm operates under the meticulous oversight of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (commonly referred to as "CySEC"). It has been granted the esteemed license number 201/13, underscoring its credibility and commitment to compliance.

This authorization permits Admiral Markets Cyprus Ltd to responsibly manage Client Funds within the European Union ambit. A key aspect of this authority is the Ancillary service of Safekeeping and administration of financial instruments. This includes not just custodianship but also encompasses related services. This positions the company in alignment with key European Financial Services directives, most notably the MiFID II.

A Closer Look at MiFID II The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, abbreviated as MiFID II (Directive 2014/65/EU), stands as a pivotal regulatory framework. Ratified by the European Parliament and Council, it was brought into action on January 3rd, 2018, and serves as the backbone of financial instrument markets and investment services within the European Economic Area (EEA).

MiFID II's inception is rooted in a vision to unify the regulatory mechanisms governing the EEA's financial markets. This harmonization aims to:

  • Boost operational efficiency in financial transactions.
  • Uplift the veil of financial transparency across transactions.
  • Foster a competitive environment, ensuring a level playing field for all market players.
  • Fortify consumer protection mechanisms in the realm of investment services.

Moreover, under the aegis of MiFID II, an investment enterprise can seamlessly offer its expert services in another member state or even a third country. This provision, however, is contingent upon the services falling under the umbrella of the firm's authorization. An entity bearing this authorization symbolizes its unwavering compliance with Europe's stringent transparency and ethical operational standards. This, in turn, bestows upon it the privilege to extend its services cross-border.

Unwavering Financial Security Commitment Our dedication goes beyond mere compliance. At Admiral Markets Cyprus Limited, we are steadfast in our commitment to offer our clientele an unparalleled echelon of financial assurance and safeguarding of their investments. Our protocols, backed by rigorous regulatory frameworks, ensure that every investment is treated with the utmost care, security, and professional diligence.

Commitment to Financial Security with Admirals

Choosing to trade with Admirals provides you access to a fortified bastion of financial security measures and client-centric care protocols, ensuring your peace of mind throughout your trading journey. Safeguarding Client Funds In our dedication to transparency and security, and in strict compliance with CySEC regulations, we've ensured the total segregation of client funds from our operational assets. These funds are meticulously stored within a highly-regulated credit institution situated within the EU's jurisdiction. This guarantees clients unhindered access to their funds, assuring them that their money remains untouchable by us for any operational needs. To further cement this assurance, our segregation processes undergo regular audits by external financial experts.

The Investor Compensation Fund (ICF) Explained The ICF's core mission is to safeguard the claims of our valued clients against its members by facilitating compensation payments under stipulated conditions. The ICF ensures a coverage of up to 20,000.00 EUR for each eligible client. For a comprehensive understanding of its functioning, we recommend acquainting yourself with our detailed Investor Compensation Policy.

Negative Balance Protection Policy Admirals offers two-tier protection for account deficits:

  • Professional Clients: Coverage up to €50,000 per client.
  • Retail Clients: Complete, unconditional protection against account deficits, with no ceiling on the maximum payout amount, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Prioritizing Client Interests At Admirals, our ethos is simple: clients come first. We unflinchingly adhere to CySEC's stringent guidelines that mandate acting in an honest, fair, and professional manner, always keeping our client's best interests at heart. As part of our commitment, we consistently update our team on market and regulatory shifts to ensure we always deliver the highest standard of service.

Elevated Insurance Coverage: Cyprus Policy up to 100,000 EUR Starting March 1, 2021, a reinforced client funds protection insurance for Admiral Markets Cyprus Ltd clients was initiated. This enhancement provides an increased financial cushion for your investments, insuring them up to a notable 100,000 EUR.

Benefits of this insurance automatically cascade to Admiral Markets Cyprus Ltd clients without necessitating any extra steps, fees, or hidden charges. This revamped insurance coverage complements our exhaustive security offerings, which include:

  • Segregated client fund accounts housed in globally-renowned banks (excluding Cyprus banks).
  • Pan-EU negative account balance protection for our Retail Clients, pursuant to EU's CFD regulations.
  • An additional safety net via our Negative Account Balance Protection Policy to mitigate CFD trading risks for our Professional Clients.

Coverage Specifics:

  • Included: Only the cash and eligible securities of Admiral Markets Cyprus Ltd clients in the event of insolvency.
  • Excluded: Trading performance and associated risks with leveraged products, which inherently come with speculative nuances.

For those interested, the Insurance Certificate has been made available for perusal. This initiative underscores our commitment to client security. While the standard ICF protection is capped at 20,000 EUR, our unwavering priority is to extend the highest caliber of financial protection to our clients.

Coverage Limitations: Please note that while more than 99% of our clientele benefit from the insurance policy, certain categories, including larger corporations, select partnerships, overseas financial entities, government bodies, and individuals involved in money laundering offenses, might be excluded. Specific details can be found above. Always trade responsibly.

Embracing a New Era: The Transformation of Admiral Markets

As we stand poised on the cusp of our two-decade milestone, we're thrilled to announce a pivotal transition: Admiral Markets will henceforth be known as Admirals. This rebranding is more than just a change of name—it symbolizes our evolution, our expansion, and our enduring pledge to you.

Dive deeper into the journey

Understanding the Change Our metamorphosis from Admiral Markets to Admirals is not an abrupt shift but rather a culmination of our unwavering drive to serve as your all-encompassing financial companion. The torch lighting our 20th anniversary also illuminates the path we've carved, preparing for this very moment. Rest assured, while our branding undergoes a transformation, the core values and impeccable service standards you've grown to trust will remain inviolate. The upcoming phases will unveil our revamped identity—new name, fresh logo, and a rejuvenated look. Yet, the essence of our bond with you remains timeless.

Our vision for the future, under the aegis of Admirals, is clear: to stand by your side as more than just a broker. As a holistic financial hub, we aim to demystify personal finance, offering a comprehensive suite of services, from everyday financial management to sophisticated investment solutions.

Trading Beyond Traditions For twenty years, our hallmark has been innovation, earning us a global reputation as a vanguard among Forex & CFD brokers. But now, we're broadening our horizons. As Admirals, we are set to embrace an expanded portfolio of avant-garde services, reinforcing our commitment to be your comprehensive financial ally. Imagine a world where managing your finances is intuitive. A realm where trading, investing, spending, and strategic financial planning converge seamlessly. That's the universe Admirals is shaping for you—rooted in simplicity, transparency, and unwavering security.

Delve deeper

Our Why and Our Way Forward Our brand's evolution is a manifestation of our mission: To revolutionize your personal finance journey by offering comprehensive solutions that blend spending, investing, and efficient money management. Two decades in this domain have not just been about business growth; it's been about forging relationships, pioneering trading and investment platforms, and empowering countless clients to navigate their financial dreams confidently.

As a beacon of innovation, Admirals has consistently introduced groundbreaking technologies and trailblazing products, setting industry benchmarks. As we celebrate our 20th year, we recommit to a promise: to envisage the future of finance and be your guiding star, navigating you through it.

Legacy Rooted in Trust, Vision Driven by Innovation Recognitions & Accolades In our storied journey, we've been humbled with over 20 industry accolades that vouch for our proficiency as a Forex and CFD broker. Yet, the most cherished recognition comes from our clients' trust and satisfaction. We take immense pride in serving countless global clients over these years and eagerly await to welcome more into the Admirals fold. Charting Our Voyage Founded in 2001, the Admirals Group's trajectory is a testament to relentless growth and unyielding innovation. With a foothold in numerous nations and servicing clients across 130 countries, our map of milestones is vast and varied. And this journey, replete with lessons and landmarks, continues with renewed zeal and zest.

Admirals Trading Information 2024

Admiral Markets Cyprus Ltd Dramas 2, 1st floor, 1077 Nicosia, Cyprus
Support Phone
+442035041364, +372 6309 306
Trading software

Immerse yourself in MetaTrader 5, the leading multi-asset platform revered by a diverse community of traders and investors worldwide. Primarily tailored for Forex, CFDs, exchange-traded instruments, and futures, it stands as a testament to innovation in the world of modern trading. But what truly sets MetaTrader 5 apart? Beyond the conventional, it delves deep, offering a robust suite of tools crafted with precision to meet the demands of the 21st-century trader.

Seamless Onboarding

With just a few clicks, you can initiate your journey into a realm of unparalleled trading. Download, install, and let the markets come alive on your screen.

Hallmark Features & Benefits:

  • User-Centric Design: With an intuitive interface, navigation becomes second nature, making the platform suitable for both novices and seasoned traders.
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  • Real-time Market Insights: Stay updated with free, real-time market data and news feeds. Knowledge is power, and with MetaTrader 5, you're always a step ahead.
  • A World of Learning: Dive into the 'Education Market,' a curated space offering insights, tutorials, and deep dives into complex trading concepts.
  • Access to a Global Marketplace: Traverse thousands of markets, spanning continents and asset classes, all from a singular platform.
  • Level II Pricing: Gain deeper visibility with Level II pricing, offering a clearer picture of market dynamics and liquidity.
  • Automate Your Strategy: Embrace the future with trading robots. Set, customize, and let them trade based on your strategies, even when you're away.
  • VPS Support: Ensure continuity with Virtual Private Server support, allowing your strategies to run seamlessly without the need for constant monitoring.

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  • Intuitive User Interface: With its user-friendly design, both rookies and seasoned traders can navigate through the platform with ease, making swift decisions on the fly.
  • Unmatched Flexibility: Tailored to meet diverse trading styles, MetaTrader 4 provides the flexibility to adapt to any trading strategy, be it aggressive day trading or long-term investments.
  • Fortified Security: Trade with peace of mind, knowing that your data and transactions are safeguarded with state-of-the-art encryption and security protocols.
  • Rapid Execution: Experience a fast and responsive trading environment, ensuring that you never miss a moment in the ever-evolving financial markets.
  • Global Accessibility: With multi-language support, MetaTrader 4 bridges cultures and regions, ensuring traders worldwide feel right at home.
  • Charting Mastery: Elevate your market analysis with advanced charting capabilities. Visualize trends, identify opportunities, and strategize with precision.
  • Embrace Automation: Venture into the world of automated trading. Design, test, and deploy trading algorithms, letting them work their magic around the clock.
  • Personalize Your Experience: MetaTrader 4 is not just a tool; it's an extension of the trader. Customize layouts, indicators, and tools to mirror your trading persona.

MetaTrader 4 for Windows is more than a platform; it's a revolution in trading technology. Whether you're embarking on your first trading venture or are a seasoned pro looking for an edge, this platform promises to be a steadfast ally in your financial endeavors.

Welcome to the Admirals Trading and Investment Platform

Dive into a user-centric, web-based trading and investment ecosystem tailor-made for both beginners and experienced market players. The journey is simple and can be initiated right away.

Your Path to Financial Exploration:

  • Embark with Admirals: Every great journey begins with a single step. Set sail with a reliable broker by creating your Admirals account. Your trusted voyage in the world of trading and investing starts here.
  • Activate your Odyssey: Once registered, head to your email and follow our link to unlock the vibrant Admirals dashboard, setting the stage for your upcoming financial adventures.
  • The World at Your Fingertips: Dive into the vast financial seas from the comfort of your browser. The Admirals Platform adapts effortlessly to any device, ensuring a seamless trading and investing experience wherever you go.

The Power of One: Unrivalled Versatility

Experience unparalleled financial diversity with the Admirals Platform. From the bustling activity of over 4,500 stocks and the robust offerings of 800 ETFs, to the dynamic pulse of 100+ Forex pairs and a diverse range of CFDs on commodities and indices – the world is truly yours to explore. Couple this with spreads starting from zero on select accounts, competitive commissions, and a vast array of payment options, and you've got a platform that stands unmatched in the industry.

Enrich Your Knowledge: The Admirals Academy

Step into our learning hub, the Admirals Academy, where trading and investing are not just actions but experiences. Begin your journey in our risk-free demo environment, fine-tuning your strategies and mastering the markets. When you're ready, transition to the live markets equipped with knowledge and confidence. Moreover, delve deeper into market intricacies with our Premium Analytics portal, a complimentary offering for our live account holders.

Effortless Transition Between Trading and Investing

Gone are the days of juggling between platforms. With Admirals, you find harmony between short-term trading thrills and long-term investment vision. Whatever your financial goal, be it swift market maneuvers or strategic wealth accumulation, the Admirals Platform is engineered to cater to your every need. Your financial expedition deserves a platform that's both powerful and intuitive. With Admirals, you're not just participating in the markets; you're leading the charge. Welcome aboard!

Available Assets
Currencies, Commodities, Stocks, Bonds, Cryptocurrencies, ETFs, Index Futures, Cash Indices

Step into the world of trading with Admirals – a distinguished, globally-recognized Forex and CFD online broker, celebrated for its excellence and dedication to the craft. We empower our clients with a broad spectrum of trading opportunities, encompassing CFDs on currency pairs, stocks, global indices, diverse commodities, ETFs, and bonds.

  • Maximized Trading Potential with Competitive Leverage: With Admirals, you gain the advantage of leveraging up to 1:30 for our Retail Clients, amplifying your potential for higher returns.
  • Robust Regulatory Framework: Trust is paramount in trading, and at Admirals, our foundation is solidified by our adherence to the stringent guidelines set by renowned financial authorities worldwide.
  • Global Presence, Local Resonance: Our global footprint spans over 20 countries, yet our approach remains tailored and local. We understand your cultural nuances, converse in your language, and provide tailored support, making your trading journey smoother.
  • Safeguarding Your Trading Journey: In the dynamic world of trading, market fluctuations are inevitable. We deploy advanced risk management strategies to curb excessive volatility and ensure your account remains shielded from plummeting into negative territory.
  • Ultra-Competitive Spreads: Our commitment is to offer you unmatched value, underscored by some of the tightest spreads on our flagship products, starting from 0 pips.
  • Precision-Driven Execution: In trading, timing is everything. Our systems are designed for agility and precision, ensuring your orders are executed at the most favorable market prices, and that too within the blink of an eye.
  • Absolute Trading Freedom: With us, your trading style is uncaged. Whether you're scalping, swing trading, or employing any other strategy, we place no stops or barriers, letting you trade uninhibited.

Experience Next-Gen Trading Technology Discover the power and flexibility of MetaTrader 5 – globally revered as the pinnacle of trading platforms, available across all devices. Elevate your trading prowess further with the MetaTrader 5 Supreme Edition plugin, offering an arsenal of tools and features to supercharge your strategies.


Navigate the dynamic world of commodities with our state-of-the-art trading platform, tailored to guide and support every step of your trading expedition.

  • Diversify with Leverage Maximize your exposure to the commodities market by trading Commodities CFDs with an amplified leverage of up to 1:20, enabling a greater trading potential.
  • Flexibility of Position Our platform grants you the freedom to opt for a long or short position on CFDs, be it for Commodity or Commodity Futures. You're at the helm, steering your trading strategy.
  • Engage with Precision With the availability of both Micro & Mini lots, you can delve into the world's most coveted asset classes in a manner that's as intricate or broad as you desire.
  • Guard Against Economic Downturns Trading commodities offers a strategic defense against inflation, allowing you to potentially benefit from shifting market dynamics.
  • Stay Nimble Amidst Global Uncertainties Harness the opportunities presented by geopolitical tensions. With the ability to trade on both ascending and descending markets, you can aim for returns influenced by global events or prevailing political climates.

Trade the Lifeblood of Economies Engage with some of the world's most liquid and sought-after commodities – the vital economic elements that power and sustain global economies.


Harness the Power of Bond CFDs Trading. Exceptional Leverage Opportunities

  • Professional Clients: Experience the dynamism with a high leverage ratio of up to 1:200, allowing you a wider playfield.
  • Retail Clients: Avail a balanced and prudent leverage offering of 1:5, ensuring both potential and safety.

Freedom of Direction in Trades

  • Strategize with confidence: Whether bullish or bearish, go long or short on your chosen bond.
  • Rest easy with transparency at the forefront: We don't burden you with any hidden fees or extra charges on short sales.

A Commission-Free Trading Landscape

  • Begin your venture with a modest starting capital of just 100 EUR.
  • Relish the additional savings and enhanced profitability, thanks to our no-commission policy.

T-Notes: Engage with the 10-year US Treasury Note Futures CFD:

  • Amplify your trading with a leverage of up to 1:200.
  • Contract size stands at a robust 100 bonds.
  • Experience competitive spreads with a typical rate of just 6.0 pips.
  • Minimum commitment? Just 1 lot to get started.

Bund: Dive deep into the German Bund Futures CFD:

  • Leverage your positions up to an impressive 1:200.
  • Standard contract size remains consistent at 100 bonds.
  • Benefit from a highly favorable spread, coming in at a mere 3.0 pips.
  • Begin your journey with a minimum contract of just 1 lot.

Take the reins of your financial future by trading Bond CFDs, availing advantages that not only streamline the trading process but also amplify your potential rewards. With our featured offerings, you're always a step ahead in the ever-evolving world of finance


Unveiling the Benefits of Stock CFDs Trading. Tailored Leverage to Suit Your Needs. For our expert Professional Clients, leverage your trades effectively with rates of up to 1:20. For our dedicated Retail Clients, enjoy a robust leverage ratio of 1:5, offering flexibility without overwhelming risk.

Dynamic Trading Directions

  • Unlock the potential to trade in any direction your analysis takes you. Opt for a long position if you anticipate a stock's price rise or go short if you foresee a decline.
  • Benefit from our transparent pricing model: short sell without any additional hidden charges.

Reap Dividends without Ownership

  • Engage in long positions and stand to earn dividends, mirroring the benefits of actual stock ownership.
  • Experience the best of both worlds: profit from dividends without the responsibilities and commitments of direct stock ownership.

Dive into Trading Today!

  • US Stock CFDs - Trade in Stock CFDs centered around the creme-de-la-creme of US corporations, also known as the bluechips.
  • EU Stock CFDs - Broaden your horizons with Stock CFDs from premier European Union's bluechip companies.
  • UK Stock CFDs - Delve into the dynamic world of UK's bluechip corporations with our Stock CFDs offerings.

Harness the powerful advantages of Stock CFDs trading, merging the realms of profitability and flexibility. Explore the vast ocean of opportunities with top-tier products and services designed for traders like you.


Maximize Your Trading Potential with Competitive Leverage. For our discerning Professional Clients, enjoy an amplified leverage of up to 1:500. For our valued Retail Clients, take advantage of a considerable leverage of up to 1:20.

Seize Opportunities Round the Clock

  • The world of Index CFDs doesn't sleep, and neither do your opportunities. Trade tirelessly, 24 hours a day, for 5 days a week. Dive into the market whenever inspiration strikes.

Cost-Efficient Trading for Every Investor

  • Embark on your trading journey with a modest investment, starting from just 100 EUR.
  • Boost your trading potential and savings by trading commission-free. Every penny saved enhances your trading capital.

Spotlight on Our Premier Products

DJI30 - The Dow Jones Index CFD, cash (USD)

  • Unleash the power of leverage, up to 1:500.
  • Standard contract size based on index levels of 1.0.
  • Experience a typically competitive spread of just 1.5 pips.
  • Engage with a flexible minimum contract of 0.1 lots.

DAX40 - The DAX40 Index CFD, cash (EUR)

  • Enjoy an enviable leverage of up to 1:500.
  • Contract size remains consistent with index levels of 1.0.
  • Revel in a typically narrow spread, set at 0.8 pips.
  • Commence your trading with a minimum contract size of 0.1 lots.

Unravel a world of strategic trading with Index CFDs, where opportunities and innovation blend seamlessly.


Unlock the Potential of ETF CFDs Trading. Adaptable Leverage Structures. For our discerning Professional Clients: Amplify your trading potential with a leverage rate of up to 1:20. Our valued Retail Clients can leverage their trades at a solid ratio of 1:5, striking a balance between reward and risk.

Flexibility in Trading Directions

  • Embrace the freedom to venture long or short on any ETF CFD, tailored to your market predictions.
  • Navigate the trading arena with transparency: Go short without worrying about additional hidden fees.

Opportunity to Harness Dividends without Direct Ownership

  • Elevate your trading strategy by earning dividends when you choose long positions.
  • Reap the financial benefits reminiscent of stock ownership, yet without the commitment of actual ownership.

Embark on Your Trading Journey Now!

US ETF CFDs: Dive into the vast ecosystem of CFDs rooted in US-based exchange-traded funds:

  • Financial Select Sector SPDR Fund: A flagship representation of the US financial sector.
  • PowerShares QQQ Trust: Tap into the NASDAQ's top 100 non-financial companies.
  • iShares MSCI Emerging Markets: A gateway to the emerging market equities.
  • SPDR S&P500 Trust: Engage with the iconic S&P 500's diverse range.
  • VanEck Vectors Gold Miners: Engross in the world of gold mining equities.

EU ETF CFDs: Delve into the essence of European Union's exchange-traded funds:

  • iShares Core DAX UCITS: Trade alongside Germany's benchmark stock index.
  • iShares Core FTSE 100 UCITS: Engage with the UK's top 100 companies.
  • iShares SMI: Experience Switzerland's blue-chip stock market index.
  • LYXOR EURO STOXX BANKS DR UCITS: Navigate through the Eurozone's banking sector.
  • Xtrackers DAX UCITS: Connect with the performance of the DAX index.

Dive deep into the realm of ETF CFDs trading with an unparalleled blend of flexibility and profitability. With our handpicked product offerings, seize every opportunity the market presents, fine-tuned for your success.


Embark on a new-age trading voyage: Dive into the world of Cryptocurrency CFDs with a broker you can trust - fully regulated and designed for your security and convenience. Witness and exploit the unparalleled dynamism of cryptocurrency markets, known for their intense volatility. The pulse of the crypto ecosystem is tireless, constantly throbbing, allowing you opportunities round the clock. Step into the Future of Trading - Your Premium Crypto CFDs Journey Awaits.

As you venture into cryptocurrency CFD trading, here are the tools and advantages at your disposal:

Leveraged Dynamics

  • Boost your investment potential with a standard leverage of 2:1.
  • For those eligible as Professional clients, a soaring leverage of up to 20:1 beckons, offering you unparalleled position strength.

Flexibility in Direction

  • The choice is yours: go long to capitalize on a potential upswing, or short if you anticipate a dip, all on the world's leading cryptocurrency CFDs.

Continuous Trading Pulse

  • The digital currency realm knows no rest. Be it dawn, dusk, or midnight - major cryptocurrency markets are always within your reach, 24/7, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Craft your strategies, engage with the exhilarating world of cryptocurrency, and harness the plethora of advantages with our platform. With us, you're not just trading; you're pioneering a revolution in the digital financial landscape.


In our relentless pursuit of providing you with an unparalleled trading experience, Admirals proudly presents our advanced Virtual Private Server (VPS) service. Now, embrace the limitless potential of a robust trading platform, accessible from any corner of the world, on any device, at any moment.

Dive into the digital edge

Revolutionize Your Trading with MetaTrader 4 & 5 Unlock the full potential of MetaTrader 4 & 5 Supreme Edition. Whether you’re on the move or at your desk, you'll enjoy seamless access to every feature, every tool, and every opportunity, irrespective of your device. Optimized Performance Around the Clock Experience the perpetual uptime of our terminal. Every MetaTrader 4 & 5 function, including custom EAs and indicators, stands ready at your beck and call, 24/7.

Ultra-Low Latency

Trade at Lightning Speed In the world of trading, every millisecond matters. Our VPS service ensures you benefit from negligible latency, optimizing your trading speed and accuracy. Enterprise-Grade Security with Equinix Data Centres Leverage the unparalleled security and reliability of our Equinix Data Centres. With sophisticated security measures and backup power systems, your trading data remains safe and accessible. Flexible Monthly VPS Access Experience continuous, uninterrupted access to our VPS service, month after month. And the best part? Enjoy this exceptional service for free, subject to terms and conditions.

Experience Next-Gen VPS Delve into a technologically advanced VPS environment, crafted meticulously to offer a turnkey solution, available to you 24/7. Understanding VPS At its core, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is your passport to a full-fledged Windows environment, enabling you to run Windows effortlessly on any chosen device. This translates to quick and convenient access to the latest MetaTrader 4 and 5 versions, wherever you are, whenever you wish.

Forex CFD Trading on a Platinum Platter Our complimentary VPS for Forex CFD trading is backed by round-the-clock comprehensive support, ensuring you're never left guessing. Couple that with top-tier data protection and a lightning-fast connection courtesy of leading Equinix Data Centres. The result? An unmatched trading ecosystem that's efficient, secure, and tailored to your every need. Welcome to the future of trading, brought to you by Admirals.

Account currencies
Most languages as our offices span globally
Spread Type
Broker Type

Minimum Lot Size: 0.01

Digits After Dot

Yes   24/5 Trading

Yes   Demo account

Yes   Daily Analytics

Yes   Swaps

Yes   Hedging

Yes   Scalping

Yes   Minus Protection

Yes   Mobile Trading

Yes   Automated Trading

Yes   Cashback

Yes   Trust Management

Yes   Promotions

Yes   Contests

Admirals Traders Reviews

  September 3, 2023  

Admirals is a well-rounded broker with a primary focus on trader empowerment and security. While they excel in many areas, like regulation and educational resources, there's scope for fine-tuning in aspects such as fee structures for exotic assets. Overall, my experience with Admirals has been largely positive, making them a recommendable choice for traders who value transparency, security, and a holistic trading environment.

  August 18, 2023  

While scouring the internet for promising brokers, I serendipitously stumbled upon Admirals. Their enticing offer immediately grabbed my attention, prompting me to explore their offerings more deeply. Now, after over a year of collaboration, I can confidently say it was one of the best decisions I've made in my trading journey. What genuinely stands out about Admirals is their commitment to client education. Rather than merely providing a platform for trading, they've consistently endeavored to equip me with the skills and knowledge to turn my trades profitable. The broker’s customer service is exemplary; their team is always at the ready to assist and clarify. In my early days, I struggled with setting up 'Stop Loss' and 'Take Profit' levels for my trades, which are pivotal for automatic exits. Instead of directing me to generic tutorials, Admirals' specialists took a hands-on approach. They provided step-by-step guidance using tangible examples, which significantly streamlined my understanding and application of these critical trading tools. Balancing my regular commitments with trading has been a breeze. I often reserve my trading activities for my spare moments, which inadvertently provides me ample time during weekends to delve into newer strategies and trading techniques. On average, my trading engagements span 3-4 hours daily, though it's fluid and contingent on the market dynamics. In essence, my association with Admirals has been more than just a broker-client relationship. It's been a holistic experience where learning and profit go hand-in-hand, all backed by an unwavering support system.

  August 1, 2023  

Admirals provides comprehensive analysis tools, including daily market updates, webinars, and in-depth research articles. Their educational section is also rich, catering to traders of all expertise levels. The broker offers an expansive range of tradeable assets spanning forex, commodities, equities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. This diversification ensures traders have ample opportunities to diversify their portfolios.

  July 17, 2023  

Selecting Admirals as my trading partner has proven to be an astute decision. Within a relatively short span of just 8 months, I've seen my trading trajectory shift positively, progressing towards consistent profitability. One of the standout features of Admirals, which I truly appreciate, is their streamlined cash withdrawal system. In times where public sector conditions might be tumultuous or unpredictable, having a dependable mechanism to access my funds without hurdles is imperative. Admirals ensures just that, providing both security and convenience in transactions. Upon the insightful recommendation of the Traders Union specialists, I took a cautious yet strategic approach to familiarize myself with Admirals' platform and the broader trading environment. I began my journey with a demo account, which allowed me to navigate the platform, test strategies, and get a hands-on feel without the pressure of real monetary stakes. After gaining confidence and a clearer understanding of the nuances, I transitioned to live trading, starting with a minimal investment. This phased approach, facilitated by Admirals' user-friendly platform, ensured I grasped the intricacies of the trading system before fully immersing myself. In essence, Admirals hasn't just been a platform for me; it's been a guiding partner, ensuring I tread the trading waters with adequate knowledge and support. It's no exaggeration to say that they've been instrumental in shaping my trading journey towards success.

  June 8, 2023  

Trading with Admirals has been an interesting experience. Their platform boasts a clean, intuitive interface, suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. The seamless integration of various tools and features makes the trading process quite streamlined, though there is always room for enhancement in terms of customization.

  May 4, 2023  

There was a period in my life when financial stability seemed like a distant dream. Meeting basic necessities like food, clothing, and paying utility bills became a mounting challenge. In the midst of this struggle, a glimmer of hope appeared when some friends, who had observed my predicament, introduced me to Admirals. With a mix of apprehension and determination, I set up my profile on Admirals and embarked on the journey of understanding the intricate world of the Forex market. Evenings after work and weekends became dedicated learning hours. With just my trusty laptop as my gateway, I started to comprehend the art of capitalizing on varying asset price margins. Admittedly, the learning curve was steep. Yet, what genuinely stood out about Admirals was the abundance of resources they provided for traders like me. The platform was teeming with tutorials, articles, and firsthand advice from seasoned traders. This knowledge repository not only gave me the theoretical grounding but also empowered me with strategies to navigate the Forex market more confidently. It wasn't an overnight transformation; perseverance played its part. However, with the invaluable insights and tools provided by Admirals, I found myself gradually transitioning from a financial novice to a more informed and strategic trader. Today, thanks to Admirals and the continued support of the trading community, I not only manage to cover my basic needs but also have a clearer path towards a more secure financial future.

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