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Founded 2010
Regulation SEC, FSC, FSB, FCA, BaFin, DFSA
Standard account $5
Leverage 1:1000
Spread 0.1-1.2

HF Markets General Information

Established in 2010, HF Markets has gained a reputation as a top-tier forex and commodities broker, offering unparalleled trading services to both retail and institutional clientele. With a collection of prestigious awards under its belt, HFM has consistently demonstrated its commitment to excellence in the industry. HF Markets boasts an impressive range of international licenses, including those from CySEC, FSC, FSB, FCA, BaFin, and DFSA. This showcases its commitment to adhering to the highest standards of financial conduct and transparency.

Operating as the "HF Markets Group", the broker is duly authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec) and holds a Cyprus Investment Firm license (No. 183/12). Additionally, it has acquired a Category 1 Global Business License from the Financial Services Commission (FSC) of the Republic of Mauritius.

At HF Markets, our clients stand at the forefront of our operations. Every decision we make, every action we undertake, is designed with the singular goal of enriching and simplifying your trading journey. Our unwavering commitment to our clients is rooted in a profound belief: delivering unparalleled personal customer service that sets the gold standard in the industry. Our team, a blend of seasoned professionals with deep industry expertise, is available 24/5, ensuring you have the guidance and support you need. Whether you're navigating the initial registration process or celebrating and withdrawing your trading profits, we're here, steadfastly by your side, ensuring every step is seamless and efficient.

Diverse Offerings

HFM's trading portfolio encompasses a broad spectrum:

  • Forex and Spot Metals
  • CFDs on Commodities, Indices, Oil, and Shares
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Bonds
    These are accessible via the HF Markets MT4/MT5 platforms and the exclusive HFM PAMM System.

Service Spectrum

HF Markets takes pride in offering a plethora of account types, tailored software, and tools that cater to various trading needs. Whether you're a novice looking for a demo account or an institution requiring advanced tools, HFM provides it all. Both original MT4 and MT5 downloads are facilitated on their respective servers. Moreover, clients can benefit from direct access to interbank spreads and liquidity, thanks to state-of-the-art trading platforms.

The HFM Advantage

Understanding the challenges traders face with web-based forex brokers, HFM's visionary team decided to redefine the trading experience. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, they've managed to minimize trade execution delays, reduce system failures, and enhance overall customer service. Their belief is simple: a satisfied client is the best business strategy.

Clients are at the heart of everything HF Markets does. Their dedicated customer support, available 24/5, is a testament to this commitment. Comprising seasoned professionals, they assist clients from the onset of registration to seamless profit withdrawals.

Mission and Values

HF Markets's mission resonates in its every action: striving to be the industry's most reliable broker, not just in words but in consistent quality and trustworthiness. This mission is driven by core values that emphasize results, honesty, teamwork, exceptional service, and a client-centric approach.

The distinction and reliability of services provided by HF Markets LTD Mauritius, coupled with robust FSC & CySEC regulations, set HF Markets apart in a market cluttered with less reliable entities. While ratings and reviews underscore its popularity, potential clients are advised to conduct thorough research and ensure objectivity when reading broker reviews.

Ensuring Fund Safety: Elevating Financial Security Standards

At HF Markets, we prioritize your financial security, understanding that a trader's focus should be on strategies and market movements, not the potential vulnerability of their capital. We've instituted rigorous measures to elevate the safety net around your investments.

  • Pioneering Insurance Protocols: Beyond standard measures, we've instituted a Civil Liability insurance program with a cover of up to €5,000,000. This encompassing cover shields against varied risks like errors, negligence, fraud, omissions, and other scenarios that might cause financial setbacks. This premium protection comes at no additional fee to our esteemed clientele.
  • Setting Industry Benchmarks in Financial Safety: Globally recognized, the HF Markets brand exemplifies excellence in online trading – be it forex, CFDs on US and UK stocks, commodities, spot metals, or indices. Our foundational commitment has always been the dual pillars of unparalleled trading conditions and the impenetrable security of client funds. Our array of awards and globally revered reputation testifies to this dedication.
  • Strategic Banking Partnerships: Our alliance is solely with top-tier global banks, emphasizing our commitment to robust financial protocols. The standing and prowess of the HF Markets brand empower us to collaborate and ensure liquidity via these banking giants.
  • Adherence to Regulatory Frameworks: As a regulated entity, HF Markets strictly adheres to stringent financial standards, encompassing capital adequacy mandates. Our transparent operational model requires us to present quarterly financial dossiers to our regulatory body and uphold a liquid capital reserve that covers all client investments, currency position variances, and anticipated expenses. An unbiased internal auditor further scrutinizes our operations annually to ensure adherence to stipulated norms.
  • Fund Segregation Principle: We treat client funds with sacred trust, directing them to separate bank accounts distinct from our operational funds. Such funds remain shielded from company balance sheets, ensuring they're insulated from potential corporate liabilities.
  • Investor Compensation Commitment: Our allegiance to the Investor Compensation Fund – operational since May 30, 2004 – provides another layer of financial protection. Established by the Investment Firms Law of 2002, this private legal entity is overseen by a five-member committee. It's dedicated to compensating clients for both investment and ancillary services, in line with our authorizations listed with the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • Service Coverage: Our affiliation with the Compensation Fund ensures that clients are protected for the wide array of services listed under our authorization.
  • Shield Against Negative Balances: Market volatility is unpredictable. At HF Markets, we have instituted a negative balance protection policy. This ensures that even when market tumult disrupts the regular functioning of margin calls and stopouts, our clients are never obligated to cover negative balances.
  • Proactive Risk Management: Vigilance is our watchword. We maintain a persistent risk assessment mechanism that consistently evaluates every operational risk dimension. This involves perpetual reviews of our policies and procedures, ensuring we're always financially agile and well-prepared.

Your trust is our reward, and protecting your funds is our unwavering commitment.

Why Choose HF Markets: Elevate Your Trading Experience

Exceptional Trading Environment:

  • Optimized Spreads: Benefit from spreads starting as low as 0.1 on select account types (EURUSD).
  • Flexible Strategies: Both scalping and hedging are permitted, ensuring traders can tailor their strategies.
  • Seamless Account Management: With the myHF portal, monitor and manage your trades online with ease.
  • Unwavering Support: A dedicated team is available 24/5, ensuring all your queries are addressed.
  • Industry Recognition: Proud recipients of over 60 Industry Awards, showcasing our commitment to excellence.
  • Diverse Trading Options: Access CFDs on Forex, Indices, Commodities, and more, expanding your trading horizons.
  • Diligent Oversight: Our Trading Desk and Investigation teams ensure that trades are seamless and issues are resolved promptly.
  • Transparent Policies: Clear Rollover Policy ensures you're never in the dark about your trades.
  • Effortless Account Management: Enjoy the convenience of free account funding.
  • Rewarding Partnerships: Benefit from our award-winning affiliate program, recognizing our collaborative growth.

Cutting-Edge Trading Resources:

  • Diverse Tool Suite: Access up to 16 dynamic trading tools tailored for the modern trader.
  • Swift Execution: Engage in one-click trading for direct and efficient trade executions.
  • Stay Updated: With breaking market news and analysis, be in-the-know and make informed decisions.
  • Free VPS Hosting: Enhanced trade execution and reduced latency.
  • Exclusive Insights: Leverage the HF Markets Analysis for a competitive edge.
  • Empowering Education: Access a plethora of free educational resources.
  • Practical Tools: Trading calculators, economic calendars, and more.
  • Instant Transactions: With Auto Transfer, experience the speed of instantaneous withdrawals.
  • Mobile Trading: Introducing the HFM App, designed for traders on the move.

Tailored Account Options:

  • Versatile Accounts: From the Premium Account starting at $0 to the specialized ZERO Account.
  • Risk-Free Exploration: Unlimited demo account to hone your strategies without financial commitments.
  • Specialized Offerings: Swap-free accounts (T&C apply), HFcopy for copy trading, and the advanced Premium Pro Account.

User-Friendly Trading Platforms:

  • Desktop Experience: MT4 & MT5 Terminal optimized for desktop usage.
  • Browser Trading: MT4 & MT5 WebTerminal for online trading.
  • Specialized Tools: Exclusive MT4 MultiTerminal.
  • Mobile Convenience: Trade on-the-go with iPhone, iPad, and Android Trader for both MT4 & MT5.
  • Universal Access: The HFM Platform is available for both Android & iOS devices.

Trustworthy Trading Environment:

  • Regulatory Adherence: We're licensed by CySEC and compliant with the MiFID directive.
  • Banking Partnerships: Collaborating exclusively with major banks.
  • Capital Safety: Client funds are securely held in segregated accounts.
  • Transparency: We believe in keeping operations clear and transparent for our clients.
  • Financial Assurance: Client funds are fortified with insurance by the Investor Compensation Fund.
  • Reputed Excellence: Our commitment to top-tier service is acknowledged with numerous industry awards.
  • Proactive Insurance: Beneficiaries of market-leading insurance.

Enriching Educational Resources:

  • Forex Mastery: Comprehensive e-Course tailored for both beginners and professionals.
  • Clarifications: Get all your questions answered with Forex FAQs.
  • Visual Learning: Access to a myriad of video tutorials for hands-on learning.
  • Interactive Sessions: Participate in live webinars hosted by industry experts.

HF Markets Trading Information 2024

HF Markets Ltd C/o SAFYR UTILIS LTD 7th Floor, Tower 1 NeXTeracom Cybercity Ebene 72201 Mauritius
Support Phone
Support e-mail
Trading software

At HF Markets, we provide a suite of advanced trading platforms tailored to cater to the varied needs of modern traders. Our commitment to offering the best tools ensures that our clients have a seamless and efficient trading experience.

  • MetaTrader 4 (MT4): Recognized globally as one of the most popular trading platforms, MT4 offers a user-friendly interface combined with a range of powerful features. Whether you're a novice or an experienced trader, MT4 provides all the charts, tools, and indicators you need to analyze the markets, along with a vast range of Expert Advisors.
  • MetaTrader 5 (MT5): Building on the successes of its predecessor, MT5 offers more timeframes, more order types, a more flexible development environment, and even deeper analysis tools. Additionally, it provides the capacity for trading on more markets, such as stocks and commodities, making it an excellent choice for those who want a broad trading experience.
  • HF Markets PAMM System: Designed for investors and forex traders looking to have their accounts managed, the HFM PAMM System brings them together. It offers a unique system wherein investors can choose to entrust their funds to seasoned traders, seeking to benefit from their expertise. For the skilled traders, it offers a platform to grow their reach and manage funds for those investors who choose to back them.

By offering this comprehensive range of platforms, HFM ensures that our clients, regardless of their trading style or expertise level, have access to the tools and software they need for an unparalleled trading experience. Whether you're looking to trade on your own, require a platform with advanced analysis tools, or wish to invest through seasoned traders, HFM has the perfect solution for you.

Free Education

At HF Markets, we're deeply invested in not just providing trading platforms, but also in nurturing and enhancing the skills of our traders. Our foundational belief is that a well-educated trader is an empowered one, and by offering top-notch resources, we aim to elevate your CFD trading journey to new heights.

Dive into our vast educational reservoir:

  • Live Webinars: Real-time sessions with market experts who dissect current market trends, offer insights, and clarify your doubts on-the-go. Participating in these sessions can sharpen your decision-making abilities and give you a ringside view of the trading world.
  • Market Analysis: Stay ahead of the curve with our in-depth market analyses. By understanding market shifts and trends, you can make informed decisions and optimize your trading strategies.
  • Forex-Centric Videos: These visual aids are crafted to make complex concepts easier to digest. From beginner to advanced topics, these videos cover every facet of Forex trading.
  • Comprehensive e-Courses: For those who prefer a structured learning approach, our online trading education courses are meticulously designed to cater to traders at all levels. Progress at your own pace and build a robust foundation.
  • Access to HF Markets Webinars Archive: Missed a session? No problem. Our archive lets you revisit past webinars to refresh concepts and strategies. This library becomes an invaluable tool, especially when you need a quick recap.
  • Exclusive Industry Insights: Benefit from the wisdom of seasoned pros. Discover trade secrets, tips, and tricks that aren't easily accessible elsewhere. This insider knowledge can be the differentiator between a good trade and a great one.

Engaging with HF Markets' educational offerings not only enhances your skill set but also instills a sense of confidence. We're committed to creating an ecosystem where learning is continuous and where every trader, irrespective of their experience, finds value and growth. Join us, and let's co-create trading success stories.

Account Types

At HF Markets, we understand that every trader's needs are unique, and therefore, we've designed a suite of account types tailored to cater to a diverse range of trading preferences. Our account offerings include:

  • Premium Account: This is designed for both new and experienced traders, offering a balanced blend of competitive spreads and flexible leverage. With this account, traders can benefit from a rich array of tradable instruments while enjoying a streamlined trading experience.
  • Zero Spread Account: Perfect for traders who prioritize tight spreads, our Zero Spread Account offers minimal spreads on major currency pairs. This account is ideal for high-frequency traders and scalpers who require razor-thin spreads to execute their strategies effectively.
  • HFcopy Account: Tailored for social trading enthusiasts, the HFcopy account provides a platform for traders to either follow successful trading strategies from seasoned professionals or offer their own strategies for others to follow. This collaborative approach to trading allows novices to benefit from the experience of established traders, while professionals can earn a performance fee for being followed.
  • Premium Pro Account: Designed for advanced traders and professionals, the Premium Pro account offers even more competitive conditions, including more significant leverage, lower spreads, and a host of advanced trading tools. It's the ideal choice for those who are looking to maximize their trading potential.

In essence, HF Markets remains committed to offering a diverse range of account types, ensuring that every trader, from the beginner to the professional, finds an account that aligns perfectly with their trading style and objectives.

Available Assets

At HF Markets, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse and comprehensive range of tradeable assets, catering to the varied interests and strategies of traders worldwide. Here's a closer look at the vast portfolio of assets available for trading:

  • Forex and Spot Metals: Delve into the dynamic world of foreign exchange trading where you can engage with major, minor, and exotic currency pairs. In addition, our Spot Metals category allows traders to capitalize on the movements of precious metals like gold and silver, which have been traditional safe havens for investors for centuries.
  • CFDs on Commodities: Access a wide array of commodities including softs like coffee, sugar, and cocoa, as well as hard commodities like metals and energy resources. By trading Contracts for Difference (CFDs) on these commodities, you can speculate on price movements without owning the physical asset.
  • Indices: Engage with CFDs on major global stock indices, offering a consolidated view of the financial performance of a particular stock market sector. These indices encompass a selection of stocks representing a broad sector or market, thus providing traders with a snapshot of its overall health.
  • Oil and Shares: Oil, often termed as

At HF Markets, we proudly present our comprehensive Forex Derivatives offering, encompassing an extensive range of currency pairs from majors to exotics. Our commitment to superior trading conditions ensures that our traders experience tight spreads, minimizing costs, and benefit from swift execution, ensuring timely and efficient trades.

When you choose to open a forex trading account with us, you're not just getting access to the current market, but you're stepping into an advanced trading ecosystem. Our robust trading platforms are designed with the user in mind, boasting intuitive interfaces coupled with professional-grade tools to enhance your trading decisions.

Furthermore, as the financial landscape evolves, so do we. By partnering with us, you'll always be at the forefront of the trading world, leveraging the very best of tomorrow's cutting-edge technological advancements today. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just beginning your journey, HF Markets is committed to providing you with an unparalleled trading experience.

Precious Metals

Dive into Derivatives Trading on Gold and a range of spot metals with HF Markets, positioning yourself at the forefront of the ever-evolving precious metals market. Precious metals, with gold taking the center stage, have been cherished since the dawn of civilization, symbolizing monetary prosperity and affluence. Within the realm of financial markets, these metals are renowned for their resilient value retention across extended durations, thereby emerging as a dependable sanctuary for commodity investors.

Several elements come into play when determining the prices of these coveted metals:

  • Supply and Demand Dynamics: A surge in demand invariably nudges metal prices upward. Conversely, subdued demand can lead to a dip in the valuation of precious metals.
  • The U.S. Dollar Influence: Given that precious metals are priced in dollars, their value often displays an inverse correlation with the U.S. dollar's strength. A robust dollar might suppress metal prices, while a weakening dollar can give them a boost.
  • Inflationary Trends: The shadow of inflation looms large over precious metal prices. As inflation escalates, the allure of precious metals often intensifies, leading to price appreciation.
  • Industrial Appetite: Beyond their ornamental allure, metals like gold find applications in diverse sectors, from jewelry crafting to electronic manufacturing. A spike in such industrial demand can catalyze a rise in metal prices.

Choosing to invest in precious metals is more than just a trading decision. It's a strategic move to safeguard oneself against the unpredictable tides of market fluctuations, geopolitical upheavals, and potential economic downturns. Furthermore, allocating a portion of one's portfolio to these metals can pave the way for holistic, long-term investment diversification.


Dive into the exhilarating world of spot energy derivatives trading at HF Markets. With a spotlight on major players like Brent and Crude Oil, we bring you a platform to engage with some of the world's most traded commodities. The global energy market, with Crude Oil as its crown jewel, experiences immense activity, drawing traders from all corners of the world. Its inherent volatility makes it a magnet for those looking for short-term trading avenues, offering them a chance to capitalize on swift price movements.

Yet, with great opportunity comes inherent risk. The double-edged sword of volatility can provide lucrative trading openings, but it simultaneously heightens the risk quotient of your investments. It's imperative to understand that the global energy landscape is in a constant state of flux, influenced directly by real-world events.

Factors Shaping the Energy Markets:

  • Global Political Climate: The stability or turmoil in major oil and gas-producing nations can send ripples across the energy market. Political upheavals or peace accords can result in significant price shifts.
  • Environmental Considerations: From routine weather forecasts to unexpected extreme weather events like hurricanes or prolonged winters, nature plays a critical role in influencing energy supply and demand.
  • Regulatory Framework: Government interventions, policies, and regulations, especially in major producing or consuming nations, can drastically alter the energy market dynamics.
  • Economic Indicators: Global economic health, growth rates, and industrial expansions or contractions all contribute to the ebb and flow of energy prices.

Choosing to trade Derivatives on energies with HF Markets not only opens doors to a dynamic marketplace but also offers the strategic advantage of portfolio diversification. It provides an added layer of flexibility, enabling you to engage in trade without the constraints of owning the actual physical asset. Step into the world of energy trading with HF Markets, where opportunity and strategy converge.


Bonds, often referred to as fixed income securities, stand out as a predominant figure in the investment landscape. Recognized for their structured income streams, they represent a primary component of the fixed income market. Two of the most prominent categories within this domain are government bonds and corporate bonds, both serving as pivotal pillars. So, how do bonds function? Governments and corporate entities float bonds in the capital market to pool resources from investors. In essence, a bond is akin to a loan agreement where the issuer is indebted to the bondholder. The issuer is contractually bound to compensate the bondholders with periodic interest payments, commonly known as the coupon. Moreover, upon the bond's maturation, the issuer repays the principal amount, i.e., the initial investment made by the bondholder.

Incorporating bonds into an investment portfolio can be transformative. They not only impart a level of diversification but also act as a buffer, mitigating risks inherent in more volatile assets. Their consistent income stream and the relative safety of principal make them a preferred choice for conservative investors seeking a steady return on investment.

At HF Markets, we transcend the conventional by offering derivatives on bonds emanating from the world's economic powerhouses. Our diverse range spans from Euro Bunds to the esteemed UK Gilts and extends to the prominent US 10-year Treasury Notes. Engage with us to tap into the expansive world of bond derivatives and explore avenues previously uncharted.


Engaging in the domain of Trading Derivatives on Shares presents traders with the fascinating prospect of capitalizing on the fluctuations of company share prices without the commitment of purchasing the actual underlying asset. This innovation in the trading landscape underscores a paradigm shift, granting traders an avenue to tap into the market with heightened efficiency, both in terms of cost and time.

Each share, representing a fragment of a company's ownership, carries a value. This value isn't arbitrary but is anchored to the complex interplay of supply and demand dynamics in the market. These dynamics pivot largely around the company's present performance and its anticipated future trajectory. But that's just a fragment of the story. Share prices dance to a myriad of tunes, with company-specific news bulletins, quarterly earnings reports, and larger macroeconomic events pulling the strings. A favorable earnings report or a groundbreaking product launch can send shares soaring, while an unforeseen controversy or a broader economic downturn might push them into a dip.

Given this dynamic nature, traders equipped with insights and strategy can mold their positions to align with their market outlook. They can opt for a 'long' stance, betting on a potential surge in share prices, or they can assume a 'short' position, speculating on a potential decline. This flexibility means that profit opportunities emerge not just from ascendant markets but from declining ones too. In essence, Trading Derivatives on Shares unfurls a canvas where traders can paint their strategies, leveraging market insights to potentially harvest profits from the ever-shifting tapestry of share prices.


An index is a carefully curated collection of stocks representing a specific market or a segment of that market. In simpler terms, indices (often referred to as stock indexes) serve as thermometers, gauging the temperature or performance of a selection of stocks from a designated section of the stock market. A case in point is the USA500, an index anchored on the 500 titanic companies primarily gauged by their market capitalization, all of which have secured their listing on illustrious platforms such as the New York Exchange or NASDAQ.

Choosing to trade indices offers traders a golden ticket - the chance to dip their toes into the vast waters of an entire sector, all while maintaining the simplicity of a singular position.

But, just as the ocean's waves are swayed by the moon, the price and volatility of indices are not immune to external influences. Factors that churn these waters range from the gravitational pull of political shifts, groundbreaking events impacting companies within a certain realm, pivotal economic indicators such as employment statistics, to seismic shifts in the realm of currency markets.

Venturing into the vast seas of the global equity market? HF Markets is your steadfast vessel, offering you the golden chance to trade derivatives on prominent indices that span across international equity markets. Embark on your trading journey with us and you'll be greeted with competitive spreads, lightning-fast order executions, and the promise of enhanced automated trading on our renowned trading platforms - the MT4 & MT5. Anchor your trading aspirations with us and set sail towards a horizon of opportunities!


An Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) is akin to a treasure chest of diversified investments. It's a meticulously curated assortment comprising stocks, bonds, commodities, and even more. Think of it as a gateway that allows traders to wade through multiple markets all at once. One of the notable characteristics of ETFs is their dynamic pricing. Just like the individual stocks, they can be bought or sold on stock market exchanges, owing to their real-time pricing that adjusts throughout the market hours.

However, the distinction lies in how they are traded. ETFs are not just individual entities; they are baskets filled with related assets, all bundled together. These bundles are crafted based on unifying themes, whether it's an industry type, a specific geographical region, a thematic approach, or other shared attributes. For instance, if you're keen on dipping your toes in the waters of a particular industry sector, ETFs present a golden opportunity. Traders can seize the chance to broaden their horizon across an entire sector within an industry, and the best part? This expansive exposure comes at a fraction of the cost, streamlined into a singular transaction.

In the vast arena of investments, ETFs are emerging as the crowd's favorite. Their surging popularity is rooted in their promise of unparalleled portfolio diversification. They're the quintessential starting point for both fledgling investors and seasoned traders. With just a modest capital, one can secure a panoramic view of a market, a segment, or an asset class. In essence, it's possible to hold the reins of a diversified stock portfolio by just handpicking a select few ETFs.

At HF Markets, we have elevated the ETF game. Our portfolio boasts an array of sector-focused ETFs, encompassing domains such as mining, energy, technology, health care, real estate, and beyond. By joining hands with us, traders unlock the door to a universe replete with diversified, adaptable, and cost-efficient ETF trading opportunities. Navigate the investment waters with HF Markets, and anchor your aspirations in a world of possibilities!

Copy Trading

Dive into a global nexus of traders where expertise is exchanged, and rewards are celebrated collectively. The HFcopy system bridges the gap between traders of all backgrounds and skill levels, creating a dynamic environment where they can unite their strengths to conquer the financial markets. A realm where transparency meets security, and efficacy reigns supreme.

Introducing the HFcopy Account - a distinctive platform tailored for both Strategy Providers (SPs) and avid Followers. As a member of the HFcopy fraternity, you get more than just an account; you get an opportunity.

For Strategy Providers, this isn't merely an account—it's a horizon. Amplify your Follower base, share your well-honed trading strategies, and in appreciation of your expertise, you could earn a Performance Fee that can reach a staggering 35%. On the flip side, Followers embarking on their HFcopy journey have the privilege of investing their funds and mirroring the trades of SPs they trust. This ingenious platform fosters a mutualistic bond where every participant reaps the benefits of collective wisdom.

Benefits to the Followers:

  • Enhanced Market Insight: Engage with seasoned traders and enrich your understanding of the financial landscapes.
  • Full Account Autonomy: Track trades on-the-go, set your security benchmarks with the Rescue Level, and have the liberty to withdraw funds whenever you wish.
  • Streamlined Trading: Automatic trade replication means less hassle for you. You don't need to craft strategies from scratch—simply follow the leaders.
  • Customized Portfolio Building: Diversify by choosing multiple Strategy Providers. Blend different trading temperaments to fashion a portfolio that's uniquely yours.

Perks for Strategy Providers:

  • Substantial Performance Fee: Chart your course, execute your trades, and for your triumphs, relish a performance fee that can climb to a whopping 35%.
  • Prompt Compensation: Every two weeks, your performance fees are remitted swiftly and securely.
  • Spotlight on Your Expertise: Flaunt your trading prowess. Attract, guide, and nurture a growing community of Followers who value and replicate your strategies.

Since its inception, HF Markets has been unwavering in its dedication to continual innovation, delivering top-tier services, and enriching the overall trading experience for its clients. Upholding our longstanding commitment to excellence, we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with one of the industry's leading providers. This partnership is aimed at offering our clientele access to outstanding free VPS hosting solutions. With a diverse range of plans now available, traders of all levels can effortlessly select one that aligns perfectly with their unique trading strategies. We remain steadfast in our mission to provide tools and services that elevate your trading journey.

Trading signals

Discover Patterns with Autochartist: Your Eyes on the Market! Time is of the essence in the trading world, and with Autochartist by your side, you can streamline your efforts and focus on what matters most. No more exhaustive chart readings! Autochartist diligently scans a plethora of trading instruments in real-time, autonomously pinpointing Chart patterns and Fibonacci sequences ensuring you're always ahead of the curve. The best part? HF Markets clients now have complimentary access to this incredible tool!

Dive Deep into Market Insights with Autochartist:

  • Dynamic Pattern Recognition: Seamlessly identifies three core patterns – Chart Patterns, Fibonacci sequences, and Key Levels. Each one rooted in the foundational principles of support and resistance levels.
  • Round-the-Clock Monitoring: Continually observes various financial instruments, ensuring you're always informed.
  • Broadened Market View: Spot potential market opportunities beyond the current chart you're analyzing.
  • Enhanced Trading Efficiency: Time-saving and designed to bolster your trading productivity. Autochartist's automatic pattern scanning functionality ensures you're always on top of your game.
  • Multilingual Market Alerts: Receive comprehensive email market reports and timely alerts in various languages to stay updated.
  • Tailored Integration: Seamlessly integrate Autochartist with your MT4 & MT5 Terminals, enabling it to scan potential opportunities across all chart spectrums.
  • Customizable Watch-list: With advanced search functionalities and diverse filters, curate a watch-list tailored to your specific preferences.
  • Volatility Insight: Dive deep into instrument movement patterns with the offered volatility analysis, ensuring informed decisions.

Autochartist Defined: Setting New Standards in MT5 Introducing our latest free offering, Autochartist. It's not just any tool; it's a personalized market companion. Tailor it to your chosen instruments and preferred language. With its vigilant watch-list and real-time alerts, you're always informed whenever a Chart or Fibonacci pattern emerges. Its 24/7 operation means while you rest, it works, ensuring no opportunity slips through.

Included Resources for a Smooth Experience:

  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Manual
  • MetaTrader Plugin
  • Installation Guide
  • Usage Tutorial

Autochartist Risk Calculator: Trading, Tailored to Your Comfort! Our innovative Risk Calculator tool is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Just specify the cash or equity percentage you're willing to stake on a trade, and the tool effortlessly computes the optimal trading volume. This ensures your capital remains shielded from significant losses. Dive deeper into its workings with our Risk Calculator User Guide.

Trading Customized to Your Style:

  • Custom Entry & Exit Points: Dictate your preferred entry and exit levels.
  • Volume Matching: Harmonizes your trading volume with your personal risk appetite.

Trade smart, trade efficient, and let Autochartist be your guiding compass in the vast sea of trading opportunities!

Account currencies
Payment Methods

At HF Markets, we recognize the significance of flexibility and convenience in managing your funds. Thus, we offer a broad spectrum of payment methods tailored to cater to the diverse preferences and needs of our global clientele. Whether you prioritize speed, security, or widespread acceptance, there's a method to suit your transaction requirements.

Here's a detailed look at our comprehensive payment options:

  • Bank Wire Transfer: A traditional yet trusted method, allowing you to securely transfer funds directly from your bank account to your HF Markets account.
  • Credit Cards: Harness the power and ubiquity of major credit cards, ensuring a swift and hassle-free transaction experience.
  • WebMoney: A popular digital payment service, WebMoney provides a simple and efficient way to transfer funds online with an added layer of security.
  • Skrill & Moneybookers: Both renowned e-wallet services that offer fast and secure online transactions. Transfer funds in an instant without divulging your bank details.
  • Neteller: Another esteemed e-wallet solution, Neteller promises quick and secure online fund transfers, making it a top choice for many traders.
  • cashU: Catering specifically to the Middle East and North Africa, cashU offers a safe and anonymous way to manage online payments.
  • fasapay: Serving as an electronic payment processing system, fasapay ensures that transactions are carried out in real-time, offering both efficiency and security.
  • Bitcoin: Embrace the future of finance by utilizing Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency, for seamless and innovative transactions.

Every payment method we offer is underpinned by advanced security protocols, ensuring that your funds and personal details remain protected at all times. Whether you're depositing funds or withdrawing your earnings, HF Markets ensures a smooth, secure, and efficient process every step of the way.

Affiliate Program

Earn a Remarkable Commission of up to $650 for Each Qualified Introduced Client! Secure a CPA Reward as High as $650. For every Qualified Introduced Client you bring onboard, a handsome one-time commission awaits you. Depending on the specifics, you can earn a commission as generous as $650 per client.

The exact commission amount you earn for each Qualified Introduced Client hinges on two factors: the client's country of residence and the commission structure linked with your affiliate account, which could be either the Standard or the Exclusive scheme.

Elevate your earning potential: Once you successfully introduce 20 Qualified Clients under our program, you'll transition from the Standard scheme to the Exclusive CPA scheme. This move not only signifies your dedication but also unlocks the opportunity to earn a boosted commission, with the ceiling set at a staggering $650. Make the most of this exceptional offer and watch your affiliate earnings soar!

First Deposit Bonus
Only on Zero Spread accounts.
Russian, English, Spanish, Bangladesh, Vietnamese, Korean, Greek, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Italian, German, Polish, Portuguese, Malay, Thai, Bulgarian, Slovak, Czech, Farsi, French, Romanian, Arabic, Indonesian, Hungarian, Filipino.
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Mini Account, $: 5

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Yes   Demo account

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HF Markets Traders Reviews

  August 9, 2023  

Navigating the labyrinthine world of trading, I've been in collaboration with HFM as my chosen broker for a little over a year. Reflecting upon this tenure, my sentiments predominantly gravitate towards neutrality. In a sector where the scales can tilt dramatically towards elation or frustration, maintaining a steady ship can be an asset in itself, and that's been my experience with HFM. From a technical standpoint, HFM has been reliable. I've encountered no glitches or unexpected hiccups, a testament to the robustness of their platform. Such smoothness, though expected, is commendable in a field where minor technical disruptions can have significant repercussions. In terms of service, HFM seems to wear its experience on its sleeve. Their dealings exude the professionalism and consistency one would anticipate from a seasoned broker. While they haven't necessarily exceeded expectations to earn effusive praise, they also haven't faltered to warrant critique. In a sense, they've delivered precisely what was on the tin – a stable, reliable brokerage service that aligns with their reputation. Concluding, my journey with HFM thus far can be encapsulated as a steady sail across calm waters. While there haven't been any standout moments of awe, there's been an absence of turbulence too. And in the trading world, sometimes that consistency and predictability is the very foundation traders seek. Would I like to be pleasantly surprised by HFM in the future? Absolutely. But for now, I can confidently say they've met the expectations I had when I first onboarded.

  August 1, 2023  

Having traded with several brokers over the years, HF Markets stands out in terms of service quality. Their robust regulatory framework gives me peace of mind, knowing I'm trading with a reputable broker. Nonetheless, it would be great if they offered more educational resources for intermediate traders. I've been trading with HF Markets for about 8 months and, on multiple occasions, had to withdraw my funds. Every time the process was smooth, though once I had to wait a bit longer than expected. Their customer support was prompt in addressing my concerns, which I appreciated.

  July 3, 2023  

It wasn't too long ago that I embarked on my journey with HFM. As someone always in search of efficient trading platforms, my initiation into HFM's ecosystem was greeted with anticipation. My fledgling relationship with the company has, up until this point, been rather smooth. What stood out immediately was HFM's reputable track record. Their extensive work experience in the industry and affiliation with numerous regulatory bodies did not go unnoticed. Such affiliations often serve as indicators of credibility and trustworthiness in the brokerage world. It's reassuring to know you're working with a broker that operates within recognized standards and practices. From a technical perspective, HFM's software has been impeccable. It boasts stability, which is imperative in the fast-paced world of trading where a minor glitch could result in substantial financial implications. Their platform not only offers this stability but is also equipped with a comprehensive suite of analytic tools. This provision is a boon, especially when you're trying to make informed decisions based on real-time data. Another commendable aspect is their educational resources. A robust training base suggests that HFM is not only invested in attracting traders but also in nurturing and educating them. This speaks volumes about their commitment to their clientele. In summation, my preliminary voyage with HFM has been quite promising. Their blend of industry experience, adherence to regulatory standards, stable software, and commitment to trader education has left a favorable impression. While it's still early days, the groundwork laid seems sturdy. As with any trading journey, the path ahead is unpredictable. But for now, HFM has laid a strong foundation. The true test, of course, will be in the evolving days and months ahead.

  June 2, 2023  

While the trading tools provided by HF Markets are comprehensive and cater well to my needs, I do find their fees to be slightly on the higher side compared to some competitors. Nevertheless, the quality of the tools somewhat justifies the pricing.

  May 7, 2023  

Navigating the world of brokers, I've been fairly content with my experience at HFM. The trading conditions they offer align reasonably well with my preferences and trading style. One of the standout aspects of the company is its flexibility towards diverse trading strategies. Whether you're a swing trader, a long-term investor, or somewhere in between, HFM seems to cater to a broad spectrum of trader profiles. Moreover, HFM has made a noticeable effort to equip traders with a variety of analytical tools. These tools can be instrumental in aiding decision-making processes, especially in a volatile market. The importance of robust, real-time analytics cannot be overstated in trading, and in this respect, HFM shines. However, there's a hiccup in this otherwise commendable setup – the fund withdrawal process. While any trading platform will have its terms of service, what's been a consistent cause for concern is the discrepancy between the stated withdrawal terms and the actual experience. Financial fluidity is a crucial element for any trader. Being able to access funds, especially profits, in a timely and predictable manner is paramount. The delays or inconsistencies in this process at HFM have, unfortunately, cast a shadow over an otherwise positive experience. To sum it up, HFM boasts commendable trading conditions and tools, which are integral for seasoned and novice traders alike. However, they would do well to address the issues surrounding fund withdrawals. This would not only enhance the overall user experience but also fortify their reputation in the trading community. After all, trust and transparency are the bedrock of any successful financial institution.

  April 12, 2023  

One thing I've consistently noted about HF Markets is the reliability of their platform. Order execution is prompt, with minimal slippage. In my 2 years with them, I've faced only a couple of hiccups, which were swiftly addressed. In an industry where transparency is paramount, HF Markets does a commendable job. They regularly update on any changes, and their analysis tools are top-notch. However, a more detailed breakdown of their fee structure would be welcomed. In terms of stability, the HF Markets platform is among the best. No unexpected downtimes or glitches, which is essential for timely trades. The user interface could be made more intuitive, but overall, it's a solid platform.

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