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Founded 2010
Regulation FSA, CSSF, SCB
Standard account $250
Leverage 1:400
Spread 1-3

ActivTrades General Information

Beginning its illustrious journey in 2001, ActivTrades carved its niche as a forerunner within the CFD domain. Today, after two decades, the firm stands as a global beacon, facilitating a plethora of trading avenues across 1000+ CFD or Spread Betting instruments, encompassing Forex, Indices, Shares, Commodities, Financials, and ETFs.

The inception idea was simple yet revolutionary: democratizing the global financial marketplaces, bringing varied asset classes within reach of many, and ensuring a fair playing ground for all. That idea still thrives in what we term "The ActivTrades Ethos".

A Dive into Our Expanding Offerings: Forex was where it all began. However, the constant urge to diversify and innovate led us to incorporate commodities, shares, indices, crypto, ETFs, and bonds. Our commitment to provide an unbeatable multi-asset brokerage experience has never wavered. With best-in-class trading conditions and a suite of value-added tools, we continually strive to enrich our client's trading journey. 

Empowering Traders with Knowledge: We don't just provide platforms; we foster growth. Our emphasis on financial literacy is showcased through an assortment of educational media. Our market experts, besides illuminating our traders, are often seen sharing insights on esteemed platforms like Bloomberg, Reuters, CNN, and CNBC.

Trust, Regulation & Compliance

Your trust fuels our ambition. Thus, ensuring the highest standards of regulatory compliance remains paramount. ActivTrades stands tall, being regulated by multiple reputable entities such as the FCA, SCB, CSSF, CMVM, BACEN, and CVM (ActivTrades CCTVM). This multi-regulatory embrace assures clients of our unwavering commitment to transparency and integrity.

Your Funds' Safety - Our Prime Concern:

  • Zero Negative Balance Protection: All client funds are insulated against negative balances.
  • Top-tier Regulation: Our regulatory umbrella extends to FCA, CSSF, SCB, ActivTrades CCTVM, and CMVM.
  • Enhanced Insurance: Amplified fund security up to $1,000,000.
  • Two Decades of Trust: A relentless commitment to online trading since 2001.

Cutting-edge Trading Infrastructure

Riding on the IBM cloud's prowess, our trading ecosystem promises rapid execution and reduced latency.

  • Execute trades in under 0.004 seconds.
  • 93.60%+ orders meet or surpass the requested price.
  • High trade execution bandwidth exceeding 100k per second.

Benefits of Aligning with ActivTrades:

  • Protection against negative balance.
  • Access to 1000+ trading instruments.
  • Advanced fund safeguards.
  • Execution time averaging below 0.004 seconds.

We welcome partnerships across the institutional spectrum. From hedge funds and banks to fintechs and introducing brokers, we offer customized solutions to cater to unique institutional requirements.

  • State-of-the-art Trading Platforms: Whether it's the versatile ActivTrader, the renowned MetaTrader 4, or the advanced MetaTrader 5, traders can leverage our platforms' array, each boasting unique features, to optimize their trading endeavors.
  • Education & Training: Your growth mirrors our success. With an expansive set of educational tools like video tutorials, daily market updates, in-depth event analyses, and premium webinars, we nurture your trading skills to reach unmatched pinnacles.

Step into the world of ActivTrades, where every trade counts, and every trader is valued.

ActivTrades Trading Information 2024

ActivTrades PLC, 110, Middlesex Street, London E1 7HY
Support Phone
+44 207 392 8700
Trading software

At ActivTrades, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse suite of top-tier trading platforms, tailored to cater to both novice and professional traders alike. Here's a closer look at the state-of-the-art software we have at your disposal:

  • ActivTrader: Our flagship trading platform, ActivTrader, is a modern and intuitive interface that delivers a seamless trading experience. Designed for traders of all levels, it provides access to real-time market data, sophisticated trading tools, and a customizable workspace to optimize your trading strategies.
  • TradingView: Recognized as a leading charting and social network platform, TradingView at ActivTrades allows traders to follow market trends, visualize complex data, and share their insights with a global community of peers. Its powerful analytical tools combined with an interactive interface make it a favorite among technical analysts.
  • MetaTrader 4 (MT4): As one of the most widely used platforms in the trading community, MetaTrader 4 provides ActivTrades clients with a robust and user-friendly environment. MT4 boasts a vast array of technical indicators, advanced charting capabilities, and automation features through Expert Advisors (EAs). Its stability and versatility make it suitable for traders looking for both manual and algorithmic trading options.
  • MetaTrader 5 (MT5): Building on the success of its predecessor, MetaTrader 5 offers more timeframes, more order types, an economic calendar, and enhanced charting tools. At ActivTrades, MT5 users can enjoy a deeper market analysis, multi-asset trading capabilities, and a more sophisticated strategy tester for algorithm development.

With such a comprehensive selection of platforms, ActivTrades ensures that every trader has the right tools and environment to hone their strategies, monitor market movements, and execute trades with precision. Whether you're charting your next move, analyzing market trends, or executing lightning-fast trades, our platforms are equipped to serve your every need.

Discover the Revolutionized ActivTrader Platform

Step into the future of trading with our revamped ActivTrader platform, meticulously designed to cater to both newcomers and seasoned market professionals. Experience an interface that's not only user-friendly for those just embarking on their trading journey but also fortified with robust tools tailored for the pros.

Dive deep into the global financial arena. With ActivTrader, you can explore over 1000 CFDs spanning 7 diverse asset classes - from the ever-evolving FX space to the intricate webs of shares, indices, commodities, ETFs, and bonds.

Unleash the Power of ActivTrader: Unique Features

Delve into what truly sets ActivTrader apart in the world of trading platforms:

  • Progressive Trailing Stop: Elevate your trading strategy! ActivTrader's innovative Progressive Trailing Stop lets you set up to two distinct price tiers. When these tiers are hit, the trailing stop distance is automatically adjusted, keeping it snugly close to the current market price. This nifty feature allows you to safeguard and potentially increase your profits, especially during strong market trends.
  • Trailing Stop: This tool provides an added layer of flexibility, automatically adjusting your stop loss level while the market moves in your favor, locking in gains without manual recalibration.
  • Hedging: Embrace the power of risk management by opening positions in the opposite direction of your current trades, potentially offsetting losses during adverse market movements.
  • Market Sentiment: Stay in tune with the pulse of the market. Gauge the prevailing mood of traders to inform your trading decisions, offering a bird's eye view of market leanings.
  • Charts: Immerse yourself in real-time, dynamic charts. Explore past trends, spot present patterns, and make informed forecasts, all enhanced by a range of precise indicators to solidify your trading strategy.

Maximize your trading potential with ActivTrader, where innovative features meet intuitive design, offering a platform that truly bridges the gap between beginner enthusiasm and professional expertise.

TradingView & ActivTrades: The Ultimate Duo

Experience the synergy of trading on ActivTrades using the renowned charts of TradingView. This collaboration is nothing short of perfection, combining the precision of ActivTrades with the visualization power of TradingView charts.

Trade Beyond Limits

  • Dive into the ocean of multi-asset liquidity, trading seamlessly on our state-of-the-art infrastructure. Expect nothing less than swift execution and competitive spreads, ensuring you're always ahead in the trading game.
  • Harness the might of TradingView's unparalleled charting prowess. Its feature-packed interface ensures you're well-equipped to optimize every trade you make.

Unparalleled Charting Excellence

Elevate your trading analysis with TradingView's unmatched charting tools:

  • Stay updated and always be a step ahead with up-to-the-second news feeds and engaging discussions. Join a community of over 30 million traders, sharing insights in real-time.
  • 12 Unique Chart Styles: Enrich your analysis with a selection of 12 distinct chart types, including the precise Renko, intricate Kagi, and clear-cut Point & Figure charts.
  • Unified Multi-view: Up to 8 charts can be viewed per tab, allowing synchronization of intervals, symbols, and annotations for an organized analysis.
  • Command Search Efficiency: Amplify your efficiency with the global command search. Execute tasks in mere seconds, streamlining your trading workflow.
  • Custom Spreads: Craft your own personalized formulas, enhancing your strategy with precise calculations.
  • Flexible Time Frames: From fleeting seconds to expansive range bars, select the timeline that suits your trading style best.

Trade Anywhere, Anytime

Empower Your Trading Journey. Access global markets effortlessly. Whether you're commuting or on vacation, our mobile apps ensure you never miss out. Trade on the move and maintain the same unparalleled trading experience.

Where Elegance Meets Efficiency

Discover the intersection of functionality and sophistication:

  • Breathtaking Speed: Experience an average execution time of less than 0.004 seconds.
  • Precision at its Finest: Over 93.60% of orders are executed at the requested price, ensuring you always get the best deal.
  • Unbeatable Bandwidth: With a capacity to handle over 100k trades per second, never experience a lag in your trading ventures.

Dive into a world where unparalleled trading infrastructure meets innovation. With ActivTrades and TradingView, you're always one step ahead. Join us and redefine your trading journey.

Free Education

Immerse yourself in a robust learning environment tailored for traders of all levels. Our suite of educational resources offers a comprehensive approach to mastering the art of trading.

  • In-Depth Educational Webinars. Discover a curated collection of webinars led by industry experts. Dive deep into the nuances of trading, strategies, market trends, and more, all presented in an engaging and easily digestible format. Whether you're a novice trader or a seasoned professional, these webinars are designed to enhance your trading acumen.
  • Interactive Seminars. Engage in face-to-face sessions with market professionals in our interactive seminars. These live events provide a platform for traders to ask questions, discuss strategies, and network with like-minded individuals. Enhance your understanding, share experiences, and gain insights in a collaborative setting.
  • Detailed Trading Manuals. For those who prefer a structured learning approach, our comprehensive manuals offer step-by-step guidance on various trading topics. From the basics of trading to advanced strategies and risk management, these manuals are your go-to resource for in-depth knowledge.

Join us in this learning journey and empower yourself with the tools, knowledge, and insights to navigate the dynamic world of trading.

Account Types

Whether you're a budding enthusiast or a seasoned trading pro, we've meticulously designed an account that aligns seamlessly with your trading journey and aspirations. Dive deeper to find the ideal match for your trading style and expertise.

Professional Account: Exclusivity Meets Expertise

Our Professional Accounts stand as the pinnacle of trading excellence, specifically crafted for those seasoned traders who seek the best of both worlds—exceptional features and rigorous security. While our professional clients savor unparalleled benefits, they also forgo certain retail protections.

Key Features:

  • Personalized Assistance: Revel in the luxury of a dedicated account manager who's ever-ready to guide you through your trading endeavors.
  • Amplified Leverage: Experience trading with a potent leverage of up to 1:400, coupled with a low close-out level at 30%.
  • Superior Fund Security: Rest assured, as your funds reside in a segregated environment, fortified with enhanced protection up to $1,000,000.

Eligibility for Professional Status: Designed for seasoned investors with a profound understanding of CFD trading risks. To qualify, candidates should fulfill at least TWO out of the given three criteria: A robust financial portfolio surpassing 500,000 EUR, which could encompass saving accounts, options, equity holdings, investment funds, shares portfolios, and more.

Individual Account: Flexibility Meets Precision

  • Blazing Speed Execution: Experience lightning-fast trade execution with an average time below 0.0004.
  • Transparent Pricing: We guarantee your trades' execution at the best available rates. Zero requotes. Zero rejections.
  • Assured Negative Balance Protection: Every client is shielded from potential negative account imbalances.
  • Enhanced Fund Assurance: Elevate your fund safety with an additional insurance cover up to $1,000,000.
  • Currency Flexibility: Select your preferred account currency: EUR, USD, GBP, or CHF.
  • Round-the-Clock Assistance: Our adept support team, proficient in 14 languages, stands by you 24/5.

Demo Account: Dive, Discover, and Dominate

  • Risk-Free Exploration: Experiment with our avant-garde trading platforms, equipped with industry-leading tools and indicators cherished by global trading aficionados.
  • Strategize with Confidence: Ensure your trading strategies are battle-tested and primed for real-world scenarios.
  • Limitless Exploration: No time constraints. Delve into the demo trading realm as long as you deem fit.
  • Authentic Trading Ambience: Our demo environment flawlessly replicates live trading conditions, offering you a holistic practice ground with zero limitations.

Step into the world of tailored trading with us, where every account is more than just a trading platform—it's a promise of excellence.

Available Assets
Forex, Commodities, Indices

Venture into the exhilarating realm of the world's most vast and vibrant market. With ActivTrades, experience the unparalleled advantage of razor-sharp spreads and blazing-fast trade execution in the Forex domain.

Dive Into Forex Trading

Experience a No-Risk Journey with our Free Demo Unravel the ActivTrades Advantage in Forex Discover More About ActivTrades

Trade Superiority with ActivTrades:

  • Ultra-Tight Spreads: Starting from just 0.5 pips, benefit from spreads that outperform the industry's standard.
  • Zero Commissions: Embrace trading with absolute clarity and zero hidden charges.
  • Lightning Fast Execution: Boasting an average execution time under 0.004 seconds.
  • Monumental Trade Bandwidth: With a capacity of over 100,000 trades per second.
  • Assured Fund Safety: Rest easy knowing your deposits are protected, secured in segregated accounts.
  • Exemplary Customer Support: Our dedicated team ensures a stellar customer satisfaction rate, surpassing 95%.
  • Peerless Order Execution: A remarkable 93.6% of orders are executed at the desired price or even better.

Embark on a Forex Journey

Trade a myriad of foreign exchange pairs with ActivTrades. Experience transparency like never before, coupled with swift execution, ensuring you're always ahead in the trading game. Join us and redefine your Forex trading experience.


Elevate your trading journey by diving into the lucrative commodities markets with ActivTrades. Experience unmatched trading solutions marked by narrow spreads, swift order execution, and the added assurance of negative balance protection. Embracing commodities not only boosts your portfolio's diversity but also acts as a shield during certain market downturns, safeguarding your investments. Trade Commodities

Kickstart Your Journey with Our Free Demo Discover the ActivTrades Advantage in Commodity Trading Explore Further Insights into ActivTrades

  • Unbeatable Spreads: Benefit from spreads as low as 0.007 on Natural Gas.
  • Honest Pricing Model: Undertake trades with the peace of mind of no concealed charges during the commencement or conclusion of trades.
  • Speed and Precision: Revel in rapid trade execution with a whopping bandwidth of over 100k trades every second.
  • Trust and Security: Sleep easy knowing your investments are fortified. We ensure all client funds are insured and meticulously stored in segregated accounts.
  • Stellar Support: Lean on our dedicated support team, celebrated for its unparalleled 95%+ client satisfaction.
  • Precision-Packed Execution: Relish superior trade outcomes with over 93.6% of orders executed at or even surpassing the desired price.

Engage in Commodity Trading Transparent Costs & Absence of Concealed Charges

  • The Allure of Commodities: Why should commodities be on your radar?
  • ActivTrades’ Commodities Spectrum: Which commodities can you venture into with ActivTrades?
  • Decoding Crude: Understanding the nuances between Brent Crude and Light Crude.

Commodities form the cornerstone of the global economic matrix. They play a pivotal role in determining the valuation of raw materials, crucial for the production, refinement, and distribution of end products. With the US dollar reigning supreme as the world's reserve currency, it holds the mantle for pricing commodities in international markets. This pivotal relationship implies that a robust dollar renders commodities more affordable, whereas a floundering dollar amplifies their cost. Amid the vast expanse of commodities, energy stands out as a keystone.

In today's volatile times, gold has emerged as an investor's refuge. Its allure intensifies during periods of global economic skepticism and looming inflationary clouds. However, the concurrent positioning of the US dollar as a safe haven occasionally muddles this dynamic. To decipher gold's genuine performance trajectory, it's astute to evaluate it against an array of currencies, moving beyond the US dollar.

With ActivTrades, unlock the doors to a world where commodity trading is infused with clarity, efficiency, and unparalleled support.


Expand your trading horizon with ActivTrades as we introduce an array of CFD contracts focused on the fixed-income markets. Navigate the bond landscape, which many market experts revere as the "voice of the market", heralding shifts in market directions much before they manifest. This is precisely why, whether you're dabbling in FX or equities, the pulse of the bond market is crucial to gauge.

Embark on Bond Trading

Jumpstart with Our Interactive Free Demo Discover the Uniqueness of Bond Trading with ActivTrades Delve Deeper into ActivTrades

  • Shield Against Negative Balance: Ensure that your accounts are fortified against any inadvertent plunges into negative balances.
  • Transparent Trade Dynamics: Conduct your trades with the assurance of no obscured costs either at the onset or culmination of your trades.
  • Prompt & Efficient Execution: Relish unparalleled speeds, handling up to 100k+ trades every second, all executed in under 0.004 seconds.
  • Financial Security: Rest assured, every cent you deposit is safeguarded with insurance and is meticulously placed in segregated accounts.
  • Unmatched Assistance: Trust in our seasoned support professionals, who consistently achieve a stellar 95%+ client satisfaction score.
  • Precision to Perfection: Experience top-notch trade outcomes, with an impressive 93.6% of orders being executed at or even superior to the desired price point.

Bonds serve as debt instruments that can be birthed either by governments or corporations with the intent to fund their endeavors. Essentially, when you invest in bonds, you're playing the role of a lender to the issuing entity. Upon purchasing a bond, investors are entitled to periodic interest payments, popularly termed as coupons. This entitlement spans across the bond's lifespan, and additionally, investors wield the power to vend the bond in the open market, based on their discretion. As the bond reaches its maturity, the issuer is obligated to reimburse the principal amount.

Incorporating bonds in your portfolio spells prudence. While they are inherently more stable than stocks, bonds transcend the passive nature of holding cash. They grant investors the advantage of accruing yields through the coupon payments. Typically, bonds with a longer tenor offer elevated coupons. This is to compensate for the prospective cost of immobilizing capital over extended periods. Yet, it's noteworthy that bonds from issuers with diminished creditworthiness (signifying heightened investment risk) might also flaunt higher coupons.

With ActivTrades, you're empowered to navigate the intricate terrains of bond trading, backed by unparalleled resources, insights, and support.


Discover a world where you can trade shares from over 1000 global companies, free from stamp duty, custody, and any account management fees. Begin your journey into the dynamic realm of shares trading with ActivTrades.

Embark on Shares Trading Today

Experience the Market Firsthand with our Free Demo Discover the Unique Benefits of Trading Shares with ActivTrades Learn More About What Makes ActivTrades Stand Out

Elevate Your Investment Game with ActivTrades:

  • Start Small, Think Big: Invest in fractional shares with whatever capital you have.
  • Pure Transparency in Pricing: What you see is what you get – no hidden fees or added mark-ups.
  • Trade Your Way: Opt for long positions to receive dividends or go short, as per your strategy.
  • Guarded Investments: An additional layer of insurance to safeguard your hard-earned capital.
  • Unrivalled Customer Support: A dedicated team that has garnered a customer satisfaction rate exceeding 95%.
  • Excellence in Order Execution: Proudly executing over 93.6% of orders at the desired price, or even better.

A New Era of Shares Investment Awaits

Step into a simplified world of shares trading. At ActivTrades, we champion transparent pricing, ensuring a straightforward and affordable shares trading experience, devoid of hidden charges.

Further Insights into ActivTrades Offerings

  • New Investor Perks: Profile - For those venturing into the trading world, opt for the New Investor Profile. Benefit from zero commission and no swaps on all shares. For those interested in leveraged shares trading, our standard fees apply.
  • Corporate Proceedings: Dividends - Enjoy the dividends on long positions. However, if you choose to hold a short position, the equivalent amount will be charged.
  • Taxation Details: Tobin Tax - A quick note for those trading in Italian markets: Our CFDs on the Italian index (Ita40) and all Italian shares come under the Tobin Tax umbrella, as stipulated by Italian regulations.

Step into a realm of limitless potential with ActivTrades' cutting-edge Index Trading platform. Unlock the ability to invest in renowned global indices, ranging from the bustling financial hubs of the US, EU, UK, to the dynamic growth of China. Instead of narrowing your focus to individual stocks, grasp the broader perspective and capitalize on the growth of an entire market segment.

Begin Your Index Trading Journey

Get a Taste with our Free Demo Discover the Benefits of Trading Indices with ActivTrades Dive Deeper into the World of ActivTrades

The ActivTrades Advantage in Index Trading:

  • Competitive Edge: Enjoy tight spreads as low as 0.23 pips.
  • Clarity in Every Trade: No hidden charges. No overnight fees. Pay only for what you see.
  • Precision Execution: With an average execution time below 0.004 and a bandwidth accommodating 100k+ trades every second, we ensure your trades are swift and efficient.
  • Safety First: Your funds are our priority. All client deposits are securely insured and maintained in segregated accounts.
  • Unparalleled Support: Our dedicated team, renowned for a customer satisfaction rate exceeding 95%, is always ready to assist you.
  • Peak Performance: Consistently delivering on our promise with over 93.6% of orders executed at the desired price or even better.

Unraveling the Mystique of Indices:

  • What Exactly are Indices? An index represents a snapshot of multiple assets, typically stocks. It's your gateway to monitoring and investing in the collective performance of vast stock markets or specific segments within, bypassing individual stocks.
  • Why Should Indices Matter to Me? Stock indices serve as a barometer for investor sentiment. They're crucial for traders who leverage vital economic insights, mirroring strategies used in FX trading, responding to pivotal events such as interest rate shifts, labor market updates, and GDP data revelations.
  • Why Choose Indices over Individual Stocks? Trading indices enables you to express a holistic perspective, be it bullish or bearish, on a country's entire economic landscape. It's a cost-effective, easily accessible way to capture the essence of an economy.

Moreover, diving into index trading broadens your investment horizon. It grants your portfolio exposure to an entire stock asset class, distributing your investment across several companies, ensuring the diversification that comes with it. With ActivTrades, you don't put all your eggs in one basket but rather spread your risk and potential for reward across the vibrant spectrum of the global stock market.


Expand your trading horizon with our diversified suite of CFDs on selected ETFs. Seamlessly navigate this dynamic asset class across your platform of choice, be it MT4, MT5, or the cutting-edge ActivTrader platform. Strategically target the high-performing equity segments and channel your funds with precision using our carefully curated range of CFDs on Exchange Traded Funds. Trade ETFs

Test the Waters with Our Free Demo Discover the ActivTrades Edge in ETF Trading Delve Deeper into ActivTrades

  • Flexibility in Investment: Irrespective of your account size, delve into the ETF market.
  • Crystal Clear Pricing: Commit to your trades with the assurance of no hidden charges during initiation or closure.
  • Diverse Strategy Options: ETF CFDs empower you with the flexibility of both long and short trading stances.
  • Fortress of Trust: With ActivTrades, your funds enjoy a protective shield, with all deposits insured and meticulously housed in segregated accounts.
  • Superlative Support: Our dedicated team, celebrated for its 95%+ satisfaction rate, stands by you at every step.
  • Precision Execution: Experience unmatched trade performance with over 93.6% of orders executed at the desired price or even better.

Navigate the ETF Landscape with Confidence Transparent Pricing & Zero Concealed Charges

  • Understanding ETFs: What's the buzz about?
  • The Value Proposition: Why should you consider trading ETFs?
  • ETF vs. Mutual Fund: Distilling the differences.

Exchange Traded Funds, commonly known as ETFs, are innovative investment vehicles that echo the workings of the stock market, allowing investors to buy or sell throughout the trading day. These funds possess a distinctive investment strategy, like focusing on sustainable energy or breakthrough technologies, guiding their asset acquisition. The composition of an ETF can be diverse, encapsulating assets ranging from stocks, bonds, and commodities to avant-garde realms like cryptocurrency. Investing in an ETF means your capital gains exposure proportionate to the entire gamut of assets held by that ETF.

While ETFs constantly strive to mirror the net asset value of the assets they encompass, certain segments might witness ETFs trading at a premium vis-à-vis the intrinsic assets. A classic example is crypto-centric ETFs, where the convenience, coupled with the custodial services they offer, justifies the premium for many investors.

The beauty of ETFs lies in their adaptability. They enable investors to commit capital to distinct market narratives without diving deep into the individual assets. Whether it's the ethos-driven ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) ETFs or those spotlighting emerging markets, ETFs simplify sector-specific investments. With ActivTrades, amplify your ETF trading strategy, enjoying a blend of transparency, expertise, and unmatched support.


Venture into the most exhilarating financial journey with ActivTrades as your trusted guide. Traverse the tumultuous terrains of the crypto realm, where we ensure a seamless trading experience with our CFD contracts, encompassing a rich portfolio of leading cryptocurrencies. Our unparalleled trading environment grants you a smooth ingress and egress into your preferred crypto markets, fortified by tight spreads, consistent liquidity, and swift trade execution.

Why Should ActivTrades Be Your Go-To for Crypto Trading? Explore the World of ActivTrades

  • Shield Against Custody Hurdles: Revel in the crypto market dynamics without the complexities and vulnerabilities of self-custody.
  • Zero Fee Arena: Experience a trading environment with absolutely no commission, ensuring maximum returns.
  • Precision in Execution: Our platforms boast of a remarkable sub-0.004 second average execution time and can accommodate an astonishing 100k+ trades every second.
  • Umbrella of Security: Your funds enjoy a fortress of protection - insured and securely maintained in segregated accounts.
  • Stellar Support: Our dedicated support brigade, celebrated for a satisfaction rate of over 95%, is always on standby.
  • Instant Access to Profits: With ActivTrades, your gains are perpetually at your fingertips, ensuring immediate withdrawals.

Cryptocurrency: A Digital Revolution

Cryptocurrency is a groundbreaking digital asset class that thrives in autonomy, devoid of any centralized governance. The essence of cryptocurrencies lies in the amalgamation of mathematical protocols and cryptography, aiming to eliminate the need for central institutions. Consider your conventional bank account: it's a digital representation of your monetary assets, managed and controlled by the banking institution. This ledger holds records of your deposits, liabilities, and various financial engagements. The bank plays the pivotal role of ensuring accurate transactions, essentially acting as a gatekeeper of your financial records.

However, cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin being the pioneer, have flipped the script. They introduced a universal, transparent, and immutable ledger accessible to everyone, without any central overseer. Every transaction, every wallet, and every coin's ownership are in plain view for the entire network.

The genius behind Bitcoin and its counterparts lies in addressing the digital conundrum of uniqueness and scarcity. In the vast digital universe, duplication is the norm, be it photos, files, or videos. However, Bitcoin has achieved an unprecedented feat. Through intricate cryptographic techniques and unique mathematical protocols, it became the first-ever digital asset that is verifiably unique and non-duplicable. With Bitcoin's inception, the floodgates opened for a novel method of value transfer over the internet, creating pathways that were previously unimaginable. The crypto realm beckons, and with ActivTrades, you're ensured a journey like no other.

Account currencies
Payment Methods
Credit Cards, Wire Transfer
Spread Type
Broker Type

Minimum Lot Size: 0.01

Digits After Dot

Yes   24/5 Trading

Yes   Demo account

Yes   Daily Analytics

Yes   Swaps

Yes   Hedging

Yes   Scalping

Yes   Minus Protection

Yes   Mobile Trading

Yes   Automated Trading

Yes   Cashback

Yes   Promotions

Yes   Contests

ActivTrades Traders Reviews

  August 31, 2023  

In the world of asset management, the swiftness of transaction execution is not just an advantage; it's paramount. In this regard, ActivTrades truly excels, boasting an impressive execution rate of a mere 0.004 seconds. Their trading conditions are not just competitive but are genuinely head-turning. Particularly for those with professional accounts, the availability of leverage up to 1:400 offers significant trading flexibility. My primary focus with ActivTrades is on CFDs, and the offerings are nothing short of comprehensive. The selection spans over 500 ETF contracts and an impressive catalog of more than 600 share contracts. Additionally, the option to trade shares across three distinct markets further underscores the breadth of their offerings. The fee structure, especially for CFDs on stocks, is competitively priced, with American stocks charged at just 0.02 USD per lot. Such attractive rates ensure that profits aren't excessively eroded by overheads. Another feather in ActivTrades' cap is their analytical tools and market data offerings. The quality and depth of insights they provide are indeed exceptional and have proved invaluable in my trading endeavors. During my tenure with the broker, the technical reliability has been noteworthy, with zero disruptions or glitches in my work sessions. However, no platform is without its areas for improvement. For novices or those exploring passive income avenues, ActivTrades might appear lacking. The addition of options for passive earnings would round off an already impressive suite of offerings. In conclusion, ActivTrades, with its myriad of offerings and consistent reliability, has etched a positive impression on me. It's a broker that both seasoned traders and beginners should seriously consider, albeit with an awareness of its minor limitations.

  August 3, 2023  

I've found ActivTrades to offer quality services consistently, and their platform's stability is commendable. Even during high volatility periods, I rarely experienced lags, which is crucial for my day trading activities. Withdrawing funds from ActivTrades is typically swift, taking no more than 2-3 days in my experience. I've always appreciated their transparent fee structure, which means no unexpected surprises when I withdraw my earnings.

  July 12, 2023  

ActivTrades has solidified its place as my go-to broker, and, in my opinion, it's unrivaled in the trading realm. The forex spreads are impressively tight, starting from just 0.5 pips, offering competitive rates that cater to both casual and serious traders. Beyond the allure of favorable spreads, the depth of financial instruments available is commendable. Apart from the traditional currency pairs, ActivTrades showcases a diverse portfolio of trading options. This includes CFDs on stocks, ETFs, commodities, and indices, not to mention metals and a staggering overall tally of over 1,000 tradable assets. Such variety ensures that traders can diversify and adapt their portfolios based on market trends and individual strategies. The cherry on top has to be their user-centric add-ons tailored for technical analysis and efficient deal management. I've found particular value in SmartLines and SmartOrder. While these tools possess the sophistication to cater to veteran traders, they're intuitive enough for novices to grasp quickly. This balance of complexity and usability is hard to come by. ActivTrades also boasts a proprietary trading terminal that melds functionality with aesthetic appeal. It's packed with features tailored for in-depth chart analysis, and its responsiveness is second to none. And for those with a penchant for the classics, the integration of platforms like MT4 and MT5 ensures familiar grounds. In summation, ActivTrades provides a holistic trading experience that meets and often surpasses expectations. Given the array of features, tools, and assets available, it's no wonder I feel no compulsion to look elsewhere for my trading needs.

  March 1, 2023  

In the intricate realm of financial trading, a broker's reliability is paramount, and in this regard, ActivTrades does not disappoint. A standout aspect that elevates my trust in them is their regulation under the esteemed FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). This oversight, coupled with the sizable deposit insurance of up to 1 million USD, not only speaks to the company's credibility but also instills a sense of security in traders like me. ActivTrades is particularly adept for those who specialize in Forex trading. However, when it comes to offerings tailored for investors, the platform seems somewhat sparse. While I've had a positive experience trading stock CFDs with them, I believe the addition of investment-centric tools, such as PAMM accounts or copy-trading services, would greatly enhance their portfolio. Another point of consideration, especially for those new to the trading world, is the initial deposit requirement. At 500 USD, it might be perceived as steep for beginners just testing the waters of the trading ecosystem. It's essential to weigh this against the potential risks and rewards. On the brighter side, ActivTrades has invested commendably in trader education. Their training modules are top-notch, offering a mix of in-depth tutorials and webinars. Such resources are invaluable, especially for those keen on continuous learning and sharpening their trading acumen. To sum it up, while ActivTrades checks numerous boxes when it comes to reliability and trader support, there's room for diversification in their offerings. Both seasoned traders and newcomers would benefit from a more rounded suite of tools and investment opportunities.

  January 18, 2023  

Customer support at ActivTrades has been a mixed bag for me. While they are generally knowledgeable and eager to assist, there were a couple of instances when I had to wait longer than expected for a response. ActivTrades offers an impressive range of trading tools. Their analysis tools, in particular, have been instrumental in refining my trading strategy. I do wish they had a more extensive range of educational webinars, though. I find ActivTrades' commission and fee structure to be competitive, especially when comparing them with other leading brokers. The transparency they provide around these fees is much appreciated.

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